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Dec 17, 2008 02:06 AM

Wabbit season

Made rabbit stew last night, and I didn't really like it. Too tough, and too boney. I'll eat the vegetables, but I feel rabbits are safe from me in the future.

Plus, bugs Bunny was on this morning, and I enjoyed him a lot more.

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  1. Rabbits have very little fat, So little, that if you ate only rabbit you would starve to death very soon.

    They either require very short cooking time, or a very long, slow braise. You can't do much about the bones, but it sounds like you needed to cook your stew mush quicker, or much longer and at a lower temp.

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    1. re: JMF

      Yeah, could be actually. Mind you I heard it would taste like chicken, and it definitely didn't.

      1. re: Soop

        Rabbit definitely doesn't taste like chicken. Tastes like fur. I've made 2 rabbit recipes in my lifetime. One from Julia's MTAOFC Vol. 1. It was a slow braise after the critter was marinated and was delicious!! Empowered by that success the second one came from an old Italian cookbook by Maria LoPinto which was a sautee..... tasted like fur. Never again!

    2. It's also a staple for paella, authentic Spanish style.

      1. Lapin au Moutard. Hasenpfeffer. My mom's braised makes-its-own-gravy rabbit. Never noticed that it tasted like fur; after having grown up eating wild rabbit, I think the domestic ones don't taste like much of anything, without some help.

        There used to be a restaurant a bit south of Anchorage at Rabbit Creek, on a lovely piece of land overlooking Cook Inlet, called the Rabbit Creek Inn. Rabbit was featured on the menu, and although it was from domestic breeds, they were free-range, living on the huge fenced-in lawn out front. You could sit there digging the scenery and watching all the bunnies hopping around, whilst dining on one of their siblings. There was a non-windowed room available for the excessively tenderhearted.

        1. I cook locally-sourced rabbit frequently. I love the slightly gamy flavor.

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          1. re: pikawicca

            Rabbit is one of my absolute favourites. When I lived in the wilds of Cumberland, north west England, we used to quite often catch them on summer nights, on the way home from the pub. They're ridiculously easy to catch as they often stand stock still when they're frightened - hence the phrase 'rabbit caught in the headlights'. We'd take them home, skin them, clean them and and cook them right then and there.

            Brown the meat in hot oil, add a little stock - anything liquid will do, I once made a kind of stock out of vegetables and Southern Comfort - and a few vegetables. We used to use freshly pulled carrots and cabbage straight out of the garden. Salt and pepper. Tarragon if you have it, or any other sweet herb. Simmer for just 20 minutes or so. To make it extra luxurious, add a swirl of cream at the end. Fantastic!

          2. BRAISE,and all is good.Rabbit is tasty .It's doubtful I would pay the $$ seen at the store or restaurants.The price should be limited to 1 shell,cleaning/skinning,like squirrel.