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Dec 17, 2008 02:06 AM

Sainsbury's strawberry milk

One of the coolest things about moving to london is learning their culture through what they carry in grocery stores. I've been stunned by the amount of yogurt(it's a dessert, too!), cheese, biscuits, cakes, jams, and dairy products they carry. regardless, one of the most delish things i've had since i've been here is the strawberry milk they carry at sainsbury's. (i've tried the M&S one and i think it's not as good, too sweet) i know it sounds really naive for this board perhaps but has anyone had this?

Also, are there any cool things you've discovered at grocery stores that are really good for all the expats out there?

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Usually I find strawberry milk too sweet, but on your rec I'll give it a go.

    For more supermarket favorites, check out this thread from October: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/564659

    I don't know where you've moved from, but coming from North America, I don't find that they have more yogourt in London than what I was used to. More custard and pudding, though.

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      I don't think there is more yogurt here than back in the States, but there sure are a lot of those Activa-type drinks and cartons. I always wonder if all those pro-biotic mixtures actually do help digestion and that feeling of bloating. :-)

      That said, there are lots of very interesting yogurt flavors in the UK that I'd never seen before. My latest favorite is Tesco's Jamaican Rum and Raisins. It's hardly diet food.

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        Speaking of interesting (to a North American sensibility) yogurt flavors, I really like M&S' Count on Us spiced rhubarb. Best part is, it's healthy!

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          Yes, I like that one, too. I was never a great fan of rhubarb in the States, but I now like it a lot better. M&S has some interesting flavors. Sainsbury's has some huge tub of yogurt, and I think it's from Germany... with apples and cinnamon. I enjoy that one, but it's just too big a container!

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            Rachel's Dairy (healthy, organic etc) do a big container of Greek-style yogurt with coconut which is delicous.
            M&S gooseberry fool is good too.

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              Yes, I like that Rachel's coconut yogurt... it's good, but I wish the container was a bit smaller. I just don't consume enough in a week to ever finish it!

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                I really like some of the Rachels flavours but I do agree they're far too big!

                I must look out for the spiced rhubarb yoghurt in M&S - I love their count on us vanilla one!

                1. re: iheartcupcakes

                  Ah, but they're not too big if you have them every mornign for breakfast, with home-made stewed apple stirred in. Or runny honey.

    2. Okay, here's another idea: cordials. I was at WholeFoods (Kensington High Street) shopping for little Christmas extras and noticed for the first time their selection of cordials. (Usually I skip over juice/bottled water and the cordials are next to that section.) Was surprised to see that they had loads of different flavors, including rhubarb, which sounded great. I ended up with their own brand elderflower which turned out to be delicious. Now I want to try/stockpile all the flavors. Especially good is the fact that you dilute them when you get them home (the elderflower was 4:1), so you're not lugging glass bottles with liters and liters of liquid home/around the store.

      1. Felizglfr -

        I agree with you 100% about British Dairy products! Amazing!! (that's why I put on 10 pounds living there for 6 years!!)
        Sainsbury's was a new and exciting experience for me - and I used to take hours doing my shop - spying all the wonderful new treats!

        Anyhow - Sainsbury's does "Clotted Cream Rice Pudding"
        You HAVE to try it - it is simply sublime! I am CRAVING it right now.....
        Somehow I don't think CozyShak is going to cut it!