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Dec 16, 2008 10:39 PM

Agile Restaurants Reacting to the New Economy

Even as the winds of change blow across America there is a reality that area restaurants have to meet head-on if they are to remain solvent:A lot of people are cutting back on dining out as they react to layoffs,firings,cutbacks and giant hunks of their retirements evaporating.

It's to be expected.

The sage words of Run DMC "P-p-prices go up, don't let your pocket go down.When you got short money you're stuck on the ground" really ring true now.

So let's concern ourselves with special menus,bar menus,discount nights,early deals etc.

The happy hour bargains are being covered in another post so we'll leave that area alone.

I noticed Starlite has started a bistro menu to complement their normal offerings of $42 dollar steaks etc.

Chez Nous has a 3 course pre-fixe for about $25 that is generally reliable.

Eddie V's legendary Sunday and Monday all night specials have been celebrated for years and with good reason.They offer a fine bargain for what can be some very good food.

What restaurants have you noticed reacting to the current economy in a timely, intelligent manner?

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  1. This site was sent out as part of a recent Austin Tidbits email. It compiles lists of food deals by the day of the week. May be helpful...

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    1. I've seen more places in town RAISE prices than lower. Austin is lagging as it did with the real estate bubble. Things are still growing here relative to much of the rest of the USA. This is provable with study... not just blowing smoke.

      In recent months Austin Land and Cattle raised prices, Best Wurst raised prices, Alligator Grill eliminated late night happy hour deals, etc, etc.

      Another happy hour list broken down by week:

      There are threads here too on Happy Hour deals. Some places absent from all the list: The Screaming Goat deal all day Saturday (bargain as can be, nice place to hang out), Irie Bean deal every day 4-8 on beers [nice place to hang out].

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      1. re: RoundSparrow

        Hey Round Sparrow
        Good point. Alot of places are jacking their prices up because they know they're going to do less business and figure they might as well put it to their remaining clientele.

        I started a post called "They Want How Much ?" so we can express our outrage at these merciless profiteers.

        I'd love to see you post some details on the places you mentioned above.

      2. We made our regular visit today to Pho Van for some of the best broth in town. We hadn't been there in an unusually long time (a month, maybe), and that place was PACKED. Every table was taken, which I've never seen before. There looked to be quite a few new folks in there.

        Did this place get a glaring review in the new Fearless Critic that just came out? Or are people in general starting to gravitate toward $6.00 lunches in this brave new economy?