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Dec 16, 2008 10:27 PM

Where to buy farro in OC?

I've tried looking for it at local grocery chains, Trader Joe's, Henry's, Claro's, etc... But, still haven't found it.

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  1. I get it at Whole Foods in Los Angeles.

      1. Actually faro is spelt, I'm told, and Trader Joes has had it in a package. I bought some farro from the Italian restaurant Il Farro (the name says it all) in Newport Beach that can be cooked like risotto; the owner suggested it; they also of course, given the name, offer farro pasta that's awfully good and home made bread that also is very good at $2 a loaf.

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          Farro is close to pearled barley, but it's not spelt.

          1. re: cls

            On Italian food ( they say farro is close to spelt but not exactly the same.

        2. I get it at Whole Foods in LA, you can call an OC one to check.

          1. Whole Foods definitely carries it, and Mother's Market probably does as well.

            Mother's Market
            10928 Valley Mall, El Monte, CA 91731