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Dec 16, 2008 10:23 PM

a nice wine

Could someone suggest a nice red wine for a gift for my friend at christmas im making a basket whichincludes wine and idontknow much about red wines../of course i would love a nice cheese rec also.

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  1. Are you in Toronto? A lot of your posts are on the Montreal board.

    Either way, I suggest you go to a good cheese shop and ask the staff there for advice for a suitable cheese based on your budget and your friend's taste. Once you've chosen your cheese, the staff there will very likely have recommendations for a wine pairing. Or you can go to a wine shop or good lcbo store and they may be able to recommend a pairing (or come back here and let us know what kind of cheese you ended up with).

    Here are a few cheese shops in Toronto -
    Cheese Boutique – Etobicoke
    Leslieville Cheese Market – Queen East
    La Fromagerie - College
    Scheffler’s – St Lawrence Market
    About Cheese – Church, Yonge
    Alex Farm – Danforth, Bayview, etc
    Thin Blue Line - Roncesvalles

    1. Any price range in particular for the red?

      A few suggestions:
      La Brunante - Hidden Bench NOTL (issue: have to travel to the winery to get it)
      Du Mol Syrah '04
      Liberty School Syrah '05
      Osooyos LaRose '04
      Amity Pinot '03
      Greg Norman Shiraz

      Just a few thoughts.

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      1. re: moggiemac

        You can't really go wrong with any 2005 burgundy

        1. re: AzulH

          I could be wrong, but I believe it's Bordeaux.

          1. re: gijoeanne

            You're right, 2005 Bordeaux is a great vintage. At $15, Chateau Ducla is available at the LCBO and is a reasonable, drink-now intro to this vintage.

            1. re: gijoeanne

              2005 was considered a benchmark vintage for Burgundy as well. The wines are pricy though.

          2. re: moggiemac

            The Hidden Bench La Brunante 2005 sold out a long time ago...

          3. I'd really suggest going to an LCBO with a decent sized Vintages and speaking to the people there. Summerhill, the mother ship on Lakeshore, any larger Vintages with a dedicated staffer. Once you've decided on wine and/or cheese combinations, you can buy appropriately.

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            1. re: escoffier

              I had two bad experiences of late at the Alex Farms on Danforth. I ordered a Riopelle, and then a Calvados Camembert, only to find they were both stale. I usually taste before I buy, but was in a hurry the first time, and bought a wheel of the Camembert. I understand that the stores have been franchised. About Cheese on Church Street is my new fave. On the wine pairing, a simple rule of thumb is to choose cheese and wine from the same region.

              1. re: Montrachet

                Maybe as a very general rule of thumb. I tend to agree with Beppi Crosarial's position that sometimes long-distance pairing works better (see his artical at link). For instance, I'd rather have an amarone with epoisses, as he suggests, than a Burgundy where the cheese is made. I'd prefer port with stilton than, um, whatever wine is made in central England.

            2. we love the red wines from Chile, and they are quite inexpensive.

              1. try the Henry of Pelham Baco Noir, it's great. any nice Niagara pinot noir would be v. drinkable and if you can find an '07 then grab it. La Fromagerie on College near Oss has a good cheese selection.