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Dec 16, 2008 09:02 PM

Munich restaurants

3 days in Munich Dec. 26, 27, and 28. Where would you eat (and drink)?

Price is not a big object, but I would prefer "smart casual" or more casual attire. I don't care what particular cuisine it is. It would be nice to get something I can't get in Los Angeles, however. Finally, I prefer seafood and poultry over meat.


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  1. Day one: you walk up Türkenstrasse and down Amalienstraße. You will find –among a hundred+ others- places like on stared Terrine to recently renovated Atzinger to crowded Bar Tapas and Zest. University quarter, student area.

    Day two: Glockenbachviertel, between Sendlinger Tor and Gärtnerplatz. Hundreds with fishwise highlights SevenFish and Jean de St. Malo. Used to be gay area, these days mixed.

    Day three: Haidhausen, the triangle between Rosenheimerplatz, Ostbahnhof and Max Weber Platz. Highlights Rizzi and several French places. Barwise musts: Negroni, Maria Passagne, Barroom and Café Castro (just 50 metres apart). Fishwise Ocean (lunchonly) Character: residential, locals, yuppie.

    General Seafood highlights: Fish Witte (lunch only) and Austernkeller.
    For all of the above casual is acceptable and even at ** Tantris maybe 50% wear a tie.

    Dec 26 some might be closed, most should be open.

    Goldener Hirsch, Salzburg, being part of Westins Luxury Collection, should be open all days but probably sold out, since there –especially Salzburg- is still enough money around.

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    1. re: Marc

      Hey Marc,

      We'll be trying Gesellschaftsraum in Munich finally this weekend and will write our experience on the board.

      1. re: girobike

        Have been there only once - hope they are consistent. Enjoy!
        And before or after - have a look of the many interesting places on and off Augustenstraße like -just to name a few- Cafe Jasmin, Schmock or Ginger respectively Eat the Rich (Heßstraße)

        1. re: Marc

          marc, girobike or anyone else - any opinion on blauer bock? This menu looks so appealing:

          1. re: Behemoth

            Hi Behemoth,

            I personally think Blauer Bock is good, but nothing to die for. My wife and I went there twice in the past year or so. Its a very pretty place from the decor, the food is well prepared, but I thought it lacked a little soul.

            Our picks of places to eat in Munich are not the fancy ones. We go rustic when we're in Munich.

            We tend to travel 30-120 mins away for much better food at a much better price.

            1. re: Behemoth

              It used to be a first class place - in recent comments the fame fades.
              I never made it there on my own.

            2. re: Marc

              Hey Marc,

              Gesellschaftsraum was really not our thing - well prepared food, but somewhat incoherent - too many flavors mixed in, so much so that we could never get a feel of the food.

              The restaurant seems to cater to the 30 and below crowd (at least when we were there), so being oldies maybe our tastes our different.

              I'm sure people will enjoy it more than us. Prices are reasonable, waiters were super nice, but service was a bit... ...disjointed. There was a 30 min pause between courses, which we remarked to them about and got a free dessert.

              All in all - good, but could be better.

              1. re: girobike

                yeah, that was my impression as well (my gesellschaftsraum review is around here somewhere.)

                As far as rustic...its fun but once you'e lived here for a while a nice clean space is also refreshing sometimes.

            3. re: Marc

              An old post but Marc, I must thank you for your recommendation of Fisch Witte which is at Viktualienmarkt 9. An outstanding seafood market that also has the best fish soup in Munich. Approximately E 12 or 13 and worth every penny.