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Fresh Conch

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Just got back from the Bahamas. Anyone know where to buy fresh conch for cooking?

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  1. Sometimes I've seen it fresh at places like 99 Ranch Market. If they don't have it fresh they definitely have them frozen.

    1. Hawai'i Supermarket in SGV (corner of Del Mar and Valley)

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        is there a hawaiian market around the west side?

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          Hawai'i Supermarket is not a Hawaiian market, despite its moniker. Hawai'i Supermarket is a Chinese grocery store.

      2. A little different from Caribbean conch but similar are whelks, aka scungili in the Northeast. Quality Seafood in Redondo usually has them in their live tanks.

        There was a recent discussion about restaurant prepared whelks

        1. Be careful. The conch on the east coast is Queen Conch. What they call Conch here on the west coast is actually a whelk.

          1. Was just admiring some last night at 99 Ranch Market, Del Mar & Valley.

            1. Just an update. 99 Ranch does have a 3lb box frozen conch for $30. As others have mentioned the "conch" is actually whelk. It has been partially cleaned, but you still need to remove some organs which reduces your amount of usable shellfish by a quarter to a third, depending on how good can clean a whelk. The taste and texture is decent considering it's frozen.

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