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Dec 16, 2008 07:35 PM

Fuego - Yellowknife and a bit of Iqaluit

'bout time we touched on YK food. Just ate yesterday at Fuego in Yellowknife with staff andwas very impressed. For those who know YK, it is in the old Office resto spot and is apparently run by the Old Time Landing crew. Good selection of northern food including the muskabou burger (musk ox and caribou), but I chose the chowder of the sea and the prime rib sandwich special. Amongst the best chowders I have had anywhere. The prime rib was well prepared, had a bit of the tough stuff, but I would not hesitate to order it again. The wraps my staff had were all great I am told. We saw wonderful looking fish and chips come out of the kitchen. The only thing not to my liking was the salad dressing, oddly spicy. Service was friendly and effective.

On the subject of Yellowknife, the best fish restaurant in the country in the view of all members of my family is Bullocks in the old town.

Sadly though the new Armenian resto closed....I am advised thet mama just could not deal wth the workload. A real shame as it was fantastic.

Le Frolic remains a very expensive, but consistant favourite.

There are really good places to eat in YK and I hope people will kick in their opinions.

As an aside, one great place to eat in Iqaluit , Nunavut remains the Water's Edge in Iqaluit. The Frob remains good most of the time too. They try hard and the portions are friggin huge!

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  1. i built a condo in inuvikand ate at the makenzie all the time .the old meckenzie(ill get the spelling right one of these days)is now gone but the food was awsome.first time for carabou and muskox .i liked them both .so much more flavor then beef,and the best lobster bisque ive ever tasted.its to bad that place is gone but im curious to what the new place has to offer.i do remember that the moskito hour derves outside really sucked

    1. It's been over 10 years since I was in Yk - Bullocks is still there?

      We used to go to a restaurant there for musk ox and caribou, but I can't even remember the name anymore.. I think it was on 50th st or 51st st. Used to work at the MicroAge store just as I had finished University.

      I can't remember any of the other places I used to go, but Bullocks still stands out as one of the better fish restaurants I've been to.

      Ah, old times..

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        Bullocks is the reason my kids argue about who goes to YK next with dad. It is our favourite fish restaurant anywhere. There is new ownership which has less, shall I say, personality, but the food has not suffered at all. Not sure which restaurant you are referring to, but on Franklin Ave (I think that is 50th St, not sure) Our Place restaurant(upstairs) serves northern meat that it?. Not my favourite place in YK, but not bad.

        In addition to the best fish place, YK does have one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I have been to, located kitty corner to the YK Mall. The name escapes me.