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Dec 16, 2008 07:02 PM

NEVADOS, Mammoth Lakes (review)

Since Mr OCAnn and I had a late lunch @ Burgers (, we planned a late dinner as well. We asked a couple town folk the location of Whiskey Creek where we planned on dinner (Whiskey Creek was recommended to me by a colleague). But the two times we mentioned Whiskey Creek (different times, different location), we were redirected to Nevados as being the best spot for dinner in town--better than Whiskey Creek in both food & atmosphere. Although I looked forward to Whiskey Creek, we opted for Nevados instead...we had two dinners in Mammoth and the second was at Parallax (more on this later).

So Nevados it was. It was a charming, nice, white-tableclothed restaurant. It seemed considered upscale for Mammoth, but the host, staff and the guests were all in jeans...there are ways to dress up jeans, but that wasn't the case here, but considering the weather, attire doesn't factor, just the food. The menu was nice, solid and not too numerous; Gordon Ramsey would be pleased. There was a half dozen, nice-looking apps (ranging $10-15) and another 6-8 entrees (averaging $32). But just as I sat down, I started feeling queasy; altitude sickness was coming on quick.

You can have your pick of an app + entree + dessert for about $48; so Mr OCAnn chose the tuna sashimi Roy's-like app, a flat-iron steak w/gorgonzola cheese (medium rare) and tiramisu that one of our advisors said was "life changing". Me, getting queasier by the moment, selected their soup of the day (spinach & fennel) and another app which I can no longer remember.

The apps were good, except the one I ordered was truly unmemorable. Mr. OCAnn's selection was very good; it's something you'd see & order from Roy's and tasted just as good. My soup was very, very flavourful. It was cold out and it warmed me (a bit too much); unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish it. Mr OCAnn ordered his steak medium rare, and it came out well done. We spoke to our server who quickly offered to replace it and did.

Unfortunately, the altitude was a bit too much. Mr OCAnn had to ask the server to get his dinner & dessert boxed while I was reuniting with the soup in the WC. While we waited for our ride to take us back to Mammoth Mountain Inn, Mr OCAnn had a couple bites of his steak (from his to-go box) and his dessert (which he said wasn't life changing). He lamented how he couldn't eat the tasty steak while hot (while I got sick in the snow).

This meal--two apps + soup + steak + one alcoholic bev + tax + tip = $100. And unfortunately, Mr OCAnn didn't have utensils in the room, so his untouched dinner & dessert had to be 86'ed. =( Although I wouldn't consider Nevados upscale, it's certainly one of the few, nicer restaurants in town. We'll definitely go back, for another take.

Nevados (no website
)6060 Minaret Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

EDIT: Unfortunately, our pre-paid dinner reservations with Parallax was cancelled when we showed up for the champagne pre-snowcat ride (no phone call, no nothing). So we had dinner @ Whiskey Creek....

6060 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA

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  1. Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear you got sick in the midst of a nice meal. I considered checking out Nevados while in Mammoth but I wasn't that motivated, plus my in-laws would have balked at the prices.

    I don't quite understand why your reservations at Parallax were cancelled, and it's terrible that they didn't even call you. I look forward to hearing about Whiskey Creek. As I said in your Burgers post, we ate upstairs at Mammoth Brewing and found it unremarkable. We considered Whiskey Creek but my in-laws weren't into it so I conceded.

    Is it busy in the Village right now? When we went in late summer, things were pretty dead and businesses appeared to be hurting. There were a number of empty storefronts and lots of "for sale" signs in condo windows.

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      I didn't/don't understand why our reservations @ Parallax were cancelled either; we never got a full explanation, except that the dinners would begin 12/19. It must've been a last minute change since no one knew about it...not even the Front Desk staff @ Mammoth Mtn Inn, until I pressed for more info.

      No, the Village wasn't too busy, but it wasn't empty either. The first major storm just hit, so fortunately we had powder. There were a few families and couples, but the balance might be folks who work at Mammoth taking advantage of the free season passes.

      BTW, the food @ McCoy Station (off the Panorama Gondola) has good, solid food. It's better than most cafeterias and fast food spots, with lots of food made fresh on premises and prices to match the altitude.