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Torn over Christmas Dinner: What Would Hounders Prefer?

For Christmas dinner I'm serving surf and turf, but cannot decide witch combination to go with - tenderloin and Florida stone crab claws, or rib roast with lobster tail. I'll be serving stuffed twice baked potatoes and creamed spinach on the side. I just need to make a decision, but I'm stuck.

Help me out here, as I'm taking a poll on what combination would make you happiest?

Dessert will be chocolate fondue with bananas, strawberries, apples, pound cake, and marshmallows

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  1. Tenderloin and lobster, so good thing I'm not invited! (Not a fondue fan either, for that matter - sorry!)

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    1. re: greygarious

      That's an option! But the fondue stays. ;-)

      1. re: FoodChic

        i'm with GG...tenderloin & lobster.

        as for the chocolate fondue, i don't know about the apples [not something i usually equate with chocolate], but i'd suggest adding pretzel sticks & maybe even some apricots & cherries to the list of dippers.

    2. I'd have to go with the rib roast and lobster tail, but that's just me. Have plenty of chocolate and it really won't matter (again, just me).

      1. Yup I would agree on going with either of the beefs and the lobster. The stone crab claws are just not as decadent and I don;t think the texture works with the beef. I prefer then on their own

        1. Best of both worlds : lobster with ribeye steak (much better than tenderloin).

          1. plus stone crab is such a pain to crack.

            worth it, but maybe not at home.

            1. See, if you're in FL, I'd go for the stone crab!! I grew up in Florida, so they're a weakness, and the season is short. I think if you havent had some good ones, you can't appreciate them. Also, when you buy them, the fishmonger will usually pre-crack them for you.

              1. Tenderloin and crab claws (I get enough lobster in New England, so the crab seems more exotique to me, but this might be a regional preference).

                Second choice, tenderoin and lobster.

                And dinner chez vous sounds great - love the menu!

                1. Well, since you asked... I'm not keen on surf and turf. I'd prefer either prime rib OR lobster tail, not both. Also, I'd prefer a once-baked potato, since one mushy veg is enough. But chocolate fondue sounds like fun. Perhaps you can think of some "exotic" ingredients to dip, along with the usuals.

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                    re: "exotic" ingredients for dipping...i can't believe i omitted crystallized ginger from my initial suggestions!

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      My DH will love the crystallized ginger, and the apricots will be present as well.
                      Thank you.

                      1. re: FoodChic

                        two of my favorite things with chocolate. enjoy!

                  2. IMHO most lobster tails that you are buy frozen and really not that good. I assume that is the plan, so if I were invited, I'd just go for the rib roast a forgo the tails. Now, if you want to buy a whole lobster and just serve the tails, I'd be so on board with that! We make lobster stew for Xmas eve -- so maybe do that and use the tails for dinner. How big a crowd are you having?

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                      That's an excellent idea. There are four of us, so that's a reasonable option.

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                        Yes, and lobsters are incredibly reasonable right now. We use the lobster shells to make the lobster broth. Ours is a variation on oyster pan roast -- maybe a bit less creamy, but completely and utterly delicious.

                    2. Stone crab claws are traditionally eaten cold,so IMO not good combo for surf and turf. If you are planning to serve them hot with butter, not sure it matters.

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                        Any crab I serve is usally cold. I don't care for warmed crab as I think it looses some of the sweetness of the crab. JMHO.

                      2. My vote: lobster and rib roast.

                        1. I'd vote for lobster and rib roast! You may want to add a side dish that is on the light and acidic side to help balance the heaviness of the other items.


                          1. Another vote for lobster and rib roast. Tenderloin is way too bland for me. Actually, I would prefer shrimp, but that isn't one of your options.

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                              In my opinion, Rib Roast is a fantastic stand alone item, that you really do not need anything to enhance it. I would recommend the tenderlion and emphasize the lobster tail. If you can do it, there is a way to turn the tail inside out and it makes it very easy to eat, and it plates very well.

                              I would do the tenderlion with a dry rub of kosher salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika and rosemary.

                              Creamed spinach is a great companion to the meal.

                              The crab is good, but creates a mess issue.

                              With your fondue, you could add grahm crackers, and now you have an extra option with in the desser, smores.

                              Good luck, ,let us know how it turns out.

                            2. My vote is rib roast and lobster tail.It is what we serve here the day after Christmas,old favored tradition.

                              1. I'd do a lobster or shrimp first course and then whichever beef "calls to you". Tenderloin or rib roast can stand on it's own.

                                1. Tenderloin is utterly underwhelming - all the expense and little of the flavor and character of beef. If you have a lot of people who don't care for beef, then maybe that's what you should serve.

                                  So I'd go for the rib roast and the lobster. Also, lobster tail is a tad less messy than stone crab claws.

                                  1. I would prefer the rib roast and lobster tails. I'm also not a chocolate fondue fan, but why not make your own marshmallows. They are way nicer than store-bought. Or you could buy some artisanal marshmallows. Have some toasted coconut to roll them in after dipped in chocolate. Not everyone is a maraschino cherry fan but I think they would be nice in the chocolate. Maybe some drunken cherries marinated in a liqueur. How about candied orange peel. I just am not a fan of fresh fruit in chocolate. Having said that, I like mandarin orange slices for dipping.

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                                    1. re: sarah galvin

                                      Funny you should suggest that because that is what I'm doing. I have a local place that sells artisinal marshmallows with toasted coconut and they are simply devine....not like any other marshmallow you've tasted...a bit of nice quality chocolate makes them nothing short of sinful.

                                      1. re: sarah galvin

                                        "artisanal marshmallows"


                                        sorry if I sound idiotic, but what is the difference (I was never a fan of regular and can't imagine what would draw me in)? not a sweets fan here but curious (although I did like s'mores at campfires).

                                      2. Okay, so I've eliminated the crab and ordered some lovely lobsters from Maine Lobster Direct. I love this place, they pluck the lobster out of the water, pack them in seaweed and ice, and send them to your house.

                                        I'm still toying with the beef option. I adore the rib roast, but my DH is a tenderloin fan.

                                        You guys have been great. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted to my final decision and let you know how dinner turns out.