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Dec 16, 2008 06:54 PM

Bouley Alert............ before you go. I went to Bouley's old restaurant 10 years ago when it was in the same general location. It was nice as well as I remember. I had a reservation over a month in advance two weeks ago and they sat us in the very back room which was dark and unimpressive. The heat was terrible. The front room looked very nice. The food was terrible. The entrees were big enough for a bird. Finally I got so hot I took my jacket off and some peckerwood told me I had to put it back on. I told him to make the guy across the room in a sweater put his on and turn the heat down but I was leaving. I would not go back if it was free.............

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  1. I am glad I changed my plan. Having read NY Times poor review of SECESSION and few comments about new BOULEY, I think it is safe for me to go to other restaurants and not any of his establishments,

    1. Yikes! I feel your pain.

      This is certainly disturbing news, as I believe David Bouley is one of the greatest chefs in America. I had some unbelievable meals at his places in the old days... Bouley, Danube, and even when Bouley moved to the new spot. But even back then it was never a sure thing. His places were never "tight"... meaning that they were never consistent whereby you could relax and be sure that you'd have great food and service. Management has always been an underlying problem with this creative genius. I've always hoped he could add that component... cause when a meal went well it was amazing.

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        We spent $600 for dinner and left hungry. Had a nightcap at Gray's Papaya.

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          I had two great meals at the old bouley, went to the new spot last night and I thought it was wasn't good at all. I also think the atmosphere was better in the old spot