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Dec 16, 2008 06:34 PM

BURGERS, Mammoth Lakes (review + pics)

Mr OCAnn and I went to Mammoth to ski. And thanks to this board and particularly JeetJet's review, we followed suit (particularly since Mr OCAnn's favourite food group is burgers).

Burgers' atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Wooden tables & wooden chairs, comfortable and clean. I can see how we could easily become regulars here if we lived in the area. Since we ate on the road, we weren't too hungry, but we HAD to get a bite, so Mr OCAnn ordered chili sizes.

Not being a burger gourmand, I didn't know what a "chili size" was; turns out that its a chili burger (others can correct me if I"m wrong). He told our server that we were going to split it and that he'd have a beer. The beer came promptly and not long after, the chili burger with cheese fries (the cheese was extra).

What made the order particularly pleasant was that our split came on two plates. Many places these days usually bring an extra plate for a split and don't bother to split it in the kitchen. The extra effort won kudos for the restaurant. Each plate came with a fresh crunchy pickle spear and a good portion of fries (more than a single order would usually get). The chili size had beans; good for Mr OCAnn, he loves them. Even though we halved our portion, it was quite filling.

All told, for beer, chili size (no split charge) and tax, it was $18.21.

I love this place for the extra effort and the solid burger. We hope to go back soon. =)

Burgers Restaurant
6118 Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Burgers Restaurant
6118 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA

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  1. Usually when I order a Chili Size, it's served open-face. Can't really imagine any other way to serve it. Eaten with knife & fork. Really depends on good chili.

    1. Thanks for your report and photo! The chili size looks mighty tasty, especially after frolicking in the snow. We were at Mammoth Lakes during late summer (hiking, fishing, etc) and ate at Burgers the first night in town. It's very casual but has a nice vibe and family atmosphere.

      Two of us had the cheeseburger w/ fries and two others shared a slab of pork ribs. The burger was huge, juicy and meaty; it was a very solid and satisfying burger. We took a risk w/ the pork ribs since this is not a bbq joint and it paid off. They weren't the best ribs I've ever had, but they were pretty tasty. Generous portions. Good prices. Good service. What's not to like?

      We cooked in our rental and packed picnic lunches most of the time, but we did have dinner one night at Mammoth Brewing. The food was unremarkable. I'm not a beer person, and my husband thought the beer was ok. We did get bread from Schat's Bakery for sandwiches, as well as some morning pastries, and it was good. That was a fun place to look around.

      Mammoth Brewing Company
      18 Lake Mary Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA

      Paul Schat's Bakery
      3305 Main St, Mammoth Lakes, CA

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        We also went to Schat's Bishop (which is why we weren't hungry and had to split an order from Burgers). We picked up some walnut pull-aparts, cheese sticks and their jalepeno cheese bread which is now called chili cheese bread.

        We loved the pull-aparts which had crunchy walnuts and chewy dough. However, the cheese sticks and cheese bread were on the stale side. It didn't incline us to visit the Main St location on this visit.... But we'll certainly give it another try next time.