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Dec 16, 2008 06:29 PM

Mold in Greek spoon sweets?

Hi there, I love Greek spoon sweets and often make them - usually out of green grapes. I made quince (kydoni) for the first time in October, however. It turned out fabulously and I impressed loads of people!!!!! Anyway, now it is less than 2 months later and my jars of quince, which have been refrigerated since I made them, are getting little white specks throughout, suspended in the syrup (I have 8 jars in total and all 8 are getting these). It looks almost like what happens to honey when it crystallizes, but I am afraid it is mold. Does anyone know if it could be mold after such a short period of time? I've kept other spoon sweets for months and months with no mold, so I just can't understand how my quince would be getting moldy after just barely 2 months. The jars contain just three ingredients: quince, lemon juice and sugar. Thanks!

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  1. Ah, sounds like what happened to my elderflower syrup this summer, only mine ended up with little white floaties. I threw it out, very upset, especially since the high acidity of the lemon should have kept it longer. How's it smell?

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      oddly it doesn't smell like anything and it isn't fuzzy, as i typically think of mold. it is granular. the one jar that i opened first is 'over grown' with it. the other jars that i haven't touched yet almost look normal, until you look very closely and see little white specks or crystals suspended in the syrup (they aren't bubbles). i know that if you don't boil something like this down enough to make a thick enough syrup, too much water remains and it won't last as long. perhaps that is what happened to your elderflower syrup? unfortunately it doesn't explain what has happened to mine b/c my syrup is extremely thick... i'm stumped!

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        Are you sure that the sugar isn't crystallising out of the syrup in the cold?

    2. According to my (Greek) mother, she suspects it's mold caused by the jar not being tight enough. She says that you can just spoon out the suspicious parts, transfer the remainder to another jar and it should be fine to eat.

      1. Found this on another Chowhound topic. It should be helpful to you.... .... says:

        "If I find mold growing inside a jar of canned food, can I just scrape it off and eat the food?

        Mold growth in foods can raise the pH of the food. In home canned products, this could mean that the high acid products could become low acid and therefore run the risk of botulism or other bacterial spoilage. Thus, any home canned product that shows signs of mold growth should be discarded. The exception to this is jellied products. (where sugar is added). In these the high sugar content would prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum. In jellied products, remove any surface mold plus 1/2 inch of the good product underneath and then use the rest immediately. Jellied products with extensive mold should be discarded."