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Pizza and Beer

I've lived here 8 years now and one thing I can't seem to figure out is a lack of places that serve good pizza with good beer in this great city. Coming from Idaho, I loved to hitup any of the great local pizza places that also served great micro-brew (especially after mountain biking). Weirdly, I haven't found a place like it here. I mean, I end up at BJs sometime! Sure, most pizza places serve beer and I enjoy getting a Perroni with my Vito's, but I'm looking for something more focused; a beer-centric pizza joint!

So tell me your favorite places to get a pie and a beer.

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  1. In the Inland Empire, Pizza 'n Such in Claremont serves both in a nice atmosphere. Warehouse in La Verne has a few microbrews, good pizza, great patio, and is cash only.

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      thanks for the recs. seems like such an obvious thing to me, but I can't find one here in LA proper

    2. Best Pizza ever is Village Pizza....in Larchmont Village. The owner is great...he's straight from Brooklyn so he definitely knows how to make some bomb pizza! Give it a try!

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          Village has some bottled beer. It's a small storefront that does mostly take-out. I've had Anchor Steam when I've eaten at one of the few sidewalk tables.
          I started a thread a year ago about pizza and pitchers. There isn't really a place in L.A. that shines on both fronts. I go to Pizza Port in San Clemente. The beer is great; the pizza isn't but it's good enough.
          Toppers in Camarillo has very enjoyable pizza (ask for it well-done) and a handful of beers on tap, none particularly interesting, but I do enjoy Firestone double barrel on tap.

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            ANYthing from Firestone on tap is a good recommendation.

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            While i used to enjoy the pizza at Village Pizzeria, the last time i went several weeks ago, I was totally disappointed. The pizza came out w/ the dough so saugy, i coudln't even pick up the slice w/o it just falling apart on me. there was so much liquid on the pan (probably from the vegetables) that it just did not make the pizza any good. Probably the last time i go there for pizza.

          3. The best pizza and beer is Rezzini's in Long Beach. They make italian food, burgers, everything. Strictly bomb

            1. The OP asks a really good question. We have a dozen FO knock-offs but nothing like, say, Portland's BridgePort brew pub (NB: I'm not from Portland!). Note to prospective restaurateurs: if you're thinking of opening the next Laurel Tavern or 8 oz, consider making pizza rather than burgers the centerpiece food. If the pizza is wood-fired or, better yet, coal-fired, and made with good ingredients and a modicum of competency, then you will have an instant hit.

              1. If you're ever in the OC area go down to Mutt Lynch's on the Newport Peninsula. Amazing pizza and schooners of beer. And they have like 20 flat screens. Can't beat that!!

                1. I like 3rd Stop, on Third near Robertson, for world class beer and a thin crust, tasty pizza. Sit at the bar because the dining room is so noisy, it provokes thoughts of homicide. Otherwise, this place is great! Twenty or so taps of real beer. I like the parma pizza and a pint of Racer 5.

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                    Bingo. Pizza and beer are both excellent here.

                    Service can be terrible though and it has gone downhill in the last year or so. They used to use beer-appropriate glasses, now it all goes in the same glass.

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                      I agree with you guys. gotta be 40 or so beers on tap and great pizzas -- i just go straight up plain pizza there and belgian ale on the side!

                  2. To be clear, I haven't tasted the pizza, so this isn't much of a recommendation, but Stone Fire Pizza Co on La Cienega has the pizza/beer thing.

                    1. there is also tarantino's in south pasadena. i know they serve wine and beer....not sure how good the beer selection is though.

                      cash only.

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                        What is Tarantino's? I'm almost positive there is nothing called that in the city of South Pasadena.

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                          here ya go.

                          Tarantino's Pizzeria
                          784 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101

                      2. I think Gordon Biersch does a lot better job with pizza then BJ's does.

                        1. Not exactly what you're looking for, but the Other Room on Abbot Kinney in Venice has a decent beer selection and then you can order pizza for delivery from Abbot's Pizza right down the block.

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                            pitfire in north hollywood. they have bottled beers and great pizza

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                              If it's anything like the pitfire in Westwood, avoid. Their pizza is LAME. Bad wood oven knockoff (sans wood). You'd be far better off at Antica in MDR. They have taps now.

                          2. Mozza has a few nice bottles in the house. I'm easy to please after that leek, goat cheese, and bacon pizza, though.

                            1. Delancey in Hollywood on Sunset has great thin crust pizza and a solid range of beers on tap. (Also wine and a full bar.)

                              Delancey Hollywood
                              5936 W Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028