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Dec 16, 2008 05:55 PM

Cooper's in Manayunk

I just read Craig LaBan's review of Cooper's Wine Bar in Manayunk. While it only received 2 Bells, the article was pretty glowing and only mentioned a few negatives. My husband and I were considering visiting Manayunk from center city to try the place out. We were surprised based on the writing that it was only two bells, not three...We have been interested in going for some time just never seem to have a reason to go to Manayunk. Anybody been that may have some recommendations on the place? Worth the trip? Thanks.

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  1. I plan on going there tomorrow night with my wife and junior chowhound. I'll report back. Strange that there has been little, if any, feedback on this restaurant here. I've read other reviews and people seem to have issues more with the staff than the food.

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      I have been several times and really enjoy the food as well as the wide selection of wines by the glass and craft beers. The service was certainly spotty at first, but has gotten better. That said, it does seem like the servers are at either end of the extremes, either aloof or way too attentive.

    2. I went about a month ago with a couple of friends on a Saturday night - the wait was not too long, the service was decent and food was great. As I said that night, "I like this place, I don't feel like I'm in Manayunk."

      1. is cooper's where sonoma used to be?

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          No, the space that Sonoma used to be is Derek's, a small plate restaurant. Cooper's is right next to Jake, and they actually share a kitchen with Jakes.

        2. Craig actually addressed this issue on his weekly chat on He basically said that two bells is a solid review where 3 bells means it really blew him away. He said he only gives out 8 or so 3 bell reviews a year and that in order to get one it needs to be something special not just a simple concept done well.

          1. Welllll, the service, and the mussels, were good. Went with the wife, junior and a surprise appearance by the chowhoundette. No trouble getting a table (8:00 on a Thursday evening). The waitress was very nice and attentive (it helps to have a good looking son). Can't speak for the drinks since I only had water. Three holiday parties will do that to you. Had a sip of my son's beer and it was good. The wine my daughter had also looked like a normal serving. Someone, not on this board I don't think, complained that the wine serving she got was all of 5 sips. Not so.
            Anyway, started off with the mussels. Very nice size, flavorful, broth was excellent. The pizzas, not so much. Kind of limp, and the flavors just did not meld together correctly. Had the shortrib pizza and the fire roasted onion pizza. Have had a lot better. Wife had the steak. Looked fatty and gristly. Chowhoundette had a crabcake sandwich which she said was good. I ate her potato chips which were really good, very crispy with a hint of vinegar. The parmesan fries that accompanied the steak were also tasty.
            I really wouldn't go out of my way to go back there. Too many "misses". Plenty of other places to get good mussels. Good pizza, which of course has been the subject of many a post on these here boards, is very hard to find. A shame because I really wanted to like the place.