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Dec 16, 2008 05:52 PM

vegetarian chinese restaurant suggestions

it's become a tradition in the past few years for my family to humour me (though they enjoy the food too) to go out for veg food with me for my birthday.. any place of my choice. i tend to pick chinese or vietnamese veg spots. in the past, we have gone to:

graceful vegetarian restaurant in markham
lotus pond (in scarborough - i heard they shut down, or did i imagine that i heard that?)
cafe 668 in toronto

any other places that are SUPER DUPER GOOD (if my meat eating family comes along, i have to wow them with the deliciousness that is the food!) that rival these places? thanks!

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  1. my family has been a big fan of lotus pond in scarborough for over 15 years.
    When I say your post that you heard they shut down, I picked up the phone immediately.
    THEY ARE STILL OPEN...which is a good thing, coz we plan on going there on xmas.

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    1. re: domesticgodess

      oh, thank god. sorry for the scare. hehe

      1. re: helenhelen

        we have always had great meals at both Gourmet Vegetarian (7 and west beaver creek) and Kings Cafe (kensington area) - the latter is closed for renos but promises to be open agan soon.

        happy eating!

        1. re: yummyumm

          I haven't been there myself, but I hear Fressen is pretty good. Take a look at for more ideas. There are some interesting sounding new additions to the 2009 guide.

      2. re: domesticgodess

        Second that. I have ALWAYS loved Lotus Pond, because, hands down, they're the best. I would recommend it to anyone... :)

      3. If you're open to vegetarian Thai, Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen on Danforth just east of Greenwood has excellent food and friendly service.

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        1. re: thought_for_food

          I second Jean's Veg kitchen. The food is fantastic and very flavourful.

            1. re: moggiemac

              Tried Jean's over the weekend, their noodles were fantastic!
              I wasn't a big fan of the Malaysian curry, but vegetarian chicken drumsticks in the curry were really good.

          1. I swear by Bo De Duyen ( -- though I haven't been there since they moved off Spadina to Dundas, I'm sure the food is still as good. And everything is veg (and mostly vegan) friendly, but some of the stuff you'd swear you were eating meat!

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            1. re: deejsylvis

              BDD moved to a building on Dundas near Sauroren two years (?) ago but has never re-opened AFAIK. There's a sign but that's about it.

              1. re: Dimbulb

                You can probably search old threads for more info but Gourmet Vegetarian on Hwy 7., at West Beaver Creek is comparable to Lotus Pond, maybe a notch below, IMHO.

                1. re: fleisch

                  I think that Lotus Pond is the best.
                  I have not been to 668 recently, but have always enjoyed my meals there.
                  I would put Graceful down a notch.
                  Most Indian restaurants have Vegetarian menus as well.
                  This is an option if your family enjoy Indian Food.
                  Tablaa on a good day is excellent, and their Smoky Eggplant is delicious.

                  1. re: erly

                    As a eater of the meats - I was wowed by Lotus Pond time and time again.
                    Same goes for BDD, but still waiting for the re-open....

            2. Have you been to the new 668? Same great food, semi-swanky space. And a liquour license!