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Dec 16, 2008 05:38 PM

Cafe Choklad, Providence

I've passed this place, been intrigued, been meaning to go, and notice a quick mention in a post here a while back (from a visitor to Providence). I'm going to check it out this week.

Any suggestions? Who has been before? I know they serve sandwiches, croissants, coffees and chocolate... This is the place kind of in between the East Side and downtown, by RISD, right near Steeple Street (it's actually at the corner of Thomas and North Main -- Thomas turns into Steeple later). I'm not sure about parking, actually. I'm thinking I may walk over to avoid having to park.

I would like to find a new cafe with yummy offerings. :) Maybe this will be it.

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  1. I haven't been in a couple of years but on my two visits the sandwiches were VERY tasty (and unusual). I wonder if they still have the s'mores panini on the menu. Yes, a panini of marshmallow, chocolate & graham cracker!

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      I went here last week, after reading that same write up, and also after having ignored this place for years. They still have the s'mores panini. I got a chiken caprese panini that was pretty good, and the place is cute and small. I'd say it was good, not great, but I'll try it again.

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        did you happen to notice if parking is available?

        1. re: foxy fairy

          No, parking lot, but if your lucky there is parking on the street. I used to go quite frequently this summer while my daughter took classes at RISD. It's good not great. All of the stuff is baked there, their breakfast sandwitches are good, last one I had was not but the cook did not leave it in the press long enough. I'd go again but I'm not running back

    2. Visiting Brown for admitted students' day a friend and I had lunch here. What a treat! Very unusual sandwiches offered-- it was hard to make a decision. I had the pate, bacon, arugula and lignonberry on brioche. Every bite was delicious. I definately recommend this as a cute place for breakfast or lunch. I'd never have gone in if it hadn't been pointed out to us on a little "eating spot" tour offered by the university.

      1. Was there last week- GREAT chocolate chip combo cookies- also when you're there pick up a box or two of the chocolate covered popcorn they sell- they don't make it but it is money!