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Dec 16, 2008 05:11 PM

Artisanal for "early" New Year's Eve

We are looking for a moderately price place for an "earlier" NYE dinner, not staying for the coveted midnight hour. Artisanal is offering a $68 prix fixe for an 8:00 reservation, 2 hour table limit. Is this a good option? Any other suggestions? I don't plan to stay up until midnight with a young chlld at home who hasn't learned the concept of sleeping in! We wanted to stay under $100 per person on a prix fixe, I am not even sure what would be available at this time. Thanks ...

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  1. Well, Artisenal is a solid bet. The food is always wonderful. I think it would really depend on the offerings of the prixe fix as to whether it's a good value. It sounds like the 2 hour time limit is good for your circumstances and you can certainly get out in that time frame.

    I have never done a prixe fix there before. Im curious to hear from those who have!

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      i had the pre-fix two weeks ago with the fam. they actually have 2 on the regular menu. Theatre- 3 courses for 24.50 plus 13.50 for wine pairing. Regular- 3 courses for 36.50 plus 13.50 for wine pairing.

      I got the theatre menu and chose- sheep's milk ricotta tartines, moules frites, and creme brulee and the wine pairing. excellent meal, quick services, good wines.

    2. I like Artisanal, depends what is on the price fix. Early seatings are easy to find if you want something else

      1. I think it would be a fun, lively place for New Year's. The food is solid and should withstand the normal NYE deterioration in quality. I was just there 2 weeks ago and can vouch for continued good food.