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Dec 16, 2008 04:58 PM

rum cake cupcakes/muffins

so I'm baking for the folks at work this year and I'm planning to give them a muffin assortment. this recipe caught my eye] but I don't want to use cake mix or pudding mix...anyone have any suggestions on how to modify it or any recipes that are similar? thanks!

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  1. if you Google "yellow cake mix" you'll find recipes for making your own.

    same goes for "vanilla pudding mix."

    good luck!

    1. sophia, why don't you want to use cake mix? imo, that betty crocker super moist cake mix is excellent. it makes a nicely-textured cake (fine crumb), as well. sometimes, i'll bake cupcakes with the mix, adding a little extra real vanilla extract and an extra egg. tastes like little (very good) poundcakes. pioneer woman won't steer you wrong! ;-). plus, it is so much easier than making your own "mix". good flavor + value = winner!

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        i've used duncan hines very successfully, also. look at this link for a "irish mist" glazed pound cake with almonds and coffee, using the d.h. "moist deluxe" "butter recipe golden cake mix":
        (this would be an awesome cupcake, too!).
        see, they "pump up" the seasonings and ingredients, too -- a lá cake doctor.

      2. You can use your favorite yellow cake recipe and replace some of the liquid (usually milk or buttermilk) with run, eg this one from Restaurant Eve is excellent:

        Mix up the cake and follow the rest of the directions from the pioneer woman site.

        1. You could make your own yellow cake from scratch and sub in 1/2 c. liquid with 1/2 c. rum. Then make the rum glaze and go from there.

          Are you making a muffin assortment or a cupcake assortment? Because a rum cupcake might be kind of... jolting as a morning pastry.

          As an aside, all my rum/boozy cakes are made with cake mix. I find that when you're glazing things with a rum glaze, no one really cares how the cake itself was made. Plus, they're so impressed with the boozy glaze that they just assume the whole thing is a baking masterpiece.

          I also make a Black Russian cake, which is like a rum cake but with chocolate cake, Kahlua in place of rum and half vodka, half Kahlua in the glaze.