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Dec 16, 2008 04:39 PM

Place to have brunch and catch up with a good friend (over mimosas) during the week?

A friend and I are planning a brunch date for either a Monday or Tuesday afternoon and we have no idea where to go! I'm thinking the Columbia/Ellicott City area would be nice but I'm open to all suggestions in the Baltimore vicinity!

My only criteria is that it be semi-affordable, preferably not buffet style, and offer mimosas. Brunch has to be offered during the weekday. Also... I have a sweet tooth :)

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  1. Miss Shirely's could work. They have a new location in downtown Baltimore. They list mimosas on their menu, but I'd double check if they have a liquor license at both their locations (


    I don't know if Blue Moon cafe has a liquor license, but they do serve breakfast all day I think.