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Dec 16, 2008 04:28 PM

Benihana Toms River

Stay Far Away!

15 minute wait to get the wrong drink. Server disappered for 10 minutes at a time.
Medium Rare Filet mignon was still cold in the middle. My wife asked for no garlic, chef said ok gave it to her anyway, kid next to me had to ask for his sushi app twice and his chopsticks 3 times and the absolute kicker....

The place is empty and they decide to seat us at the hibaci table that the exhaust doesnt work at. I literally smell like i was an extra on the set of the japanesee version on 'Backdraft"

I dont know why everyone is in a rush to open a restaurant

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    Sorry to hear about your experience.....did they just open?

    1. Benihana Toms River

      Just came back from benihana and i totally disagree for the service was great, the food was awesome yeah the bathrooms are small.
      The appletini was strong

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        I've been to many of these type, Mt Fuji, Benihana, Hanna, IKKO, ....Is it me or does the food all these Hibachi places basically taste the same no matter what you order? me its getting very boring & all show...I rarely go anymore unless someone has never been & we'll go.
        There are so many regular Japanese or Asian fusion places to experiment and enjoy out there. Otherwise I always avoid the Hibachi & sit at a table or tatami room and enjoy off the regular menu.