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Dec 16, 2008 03:46 PM

NYE Dinner DC

Hi everyone.

I'm new to Chowhound but have checked out some of the topics in the past. I have lived in the DC area for several years and have dined at most of the great restaurants mentioned in the area. We are planning on staying here for NYE this year and wanted to dine at a fantastic restaurant with a nice lively environment for the evening. Possibly somewhere that has music, dancing, champagne toast etc. We don't want to do one of the hotel parties but something in between on level of entertainment.
The places we are currently thinking of are:
L'Auberge Chez Francois

I have been to all of these restaurants (with the exception of Komi.) I am wondering if anyone has been to one of these for NYE and can tell me what I could expect. I would love to go to Komi but I get the feeling that it is a quiet place which might be better for another night.) There will be four of us and we are all in our late 30s-40s and love great food but don't want it to be too low key since it is New Year's. If not these choices- any other suggestions?

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  1. "Fantastic restaurant" and "music and dancing" might be incompatible. You can't dance at Komi, that's for sure. You might have to make a choice between great food and a lively party atmosphere. Posh supper club might be a good compromise. I've been in the space (way back when it was Ortanique) and it is very clubby - but reviews of the food have been negative. There might very well be the kind of high-energy atmosphere you're seeking, however.

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      I know what you mean, but was hoping there was something out there that could fit the bill. I know a few years ago we tried to get reservations to CityZen and they were booked so we went to Cafe Mozu for NYE and there was a Jazz party going on in the main area of the hotel that was open to people who dined at the restaurants. Last year we went to Indebleu for NYE (great dinner but terrible service on that night) and they had music playing and after dinner an area downstairs with music and dancing (it was kind of a young crowd- but nice since we didn't have to leave the restaurant and could just walk in to a connecting place for some music.)

      I was hoping there are some other places that might have that same thing. I will check on Posh- I haven't been there since before when it was Ortanique as well. If anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear.

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        I hate to be a killjoy but as someone who has worked in numerous quality restaurants in a number of cities over many NYE's please don't get your hopes and expectations too high. Yes, it is possible to have a great meal and a great time but more often than not NYE is overblown, overpriced and often badly served. Restaurants tend to step out of their established routines for the"Special Chef's Menu" ($$$) which can easily disrupt both the kitchen and the service. Or, if they don't do that, the shear volume of people, even in the best establishments, can make for slow service and poorly cooked food. For real Chowhounds NYE is one of the worst, or maybe riskiest, nights to flex your palate. I like your approach to the night as an opportunity to party with friends and if you luck into some good chow it's a bonus.

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          I agree w/ Dentree. NYE is the ultimate "amature" night for restaurants. Nobody in the kitchen or on the floor wants to be there. Since NYE falls on a wednesday this year go to a good bar with live music for midnight and make reservations for dinner at any of the above on Thu, Fri, or Sat.

          1. re: keithdcil

            Thanks for the comment- I think maybe I might not have been clear- I'm not looking for the best meal of my life that night. I know service is almost always bad on NYE.
            We just want a really good dinner- meaning we want to go somewhere reputable for fantastic food and not just somewhere normal. I realize it may not be the best service that particular night but my goal is to have a great dinner with friends and have a lively environment. I think right now it is between Marcel's and Equinox...

    2. I have found that the Jose Andres restaurants usually do a good job of balancing atmosphere and food on NYE. Cafe Atlantico has a DJ and dancing, as well as a nice extensive menu. I think the other restaurants in that portfolio are doing a similar thing. You can eat till midnight then dance/dj for a few hours afterwards.

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        Thanks for the suggestion DMcCabe. Cafe Atlantico seems like it will offer what we are looking for, we ended up booking it for NYE.