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Dec 16, 2008 03:18 PM

restaurant w/stairs

looking for a restaurant in LA...westside, beverly hills or hollywood that has at about 5 to 7 stairs leading up to it...we already know about Cut and the W hotel..

thx so much

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  1. Cafe La Boheme in Weho has steps I believe
    Madeos on Beverly has steps DOWN - for a twist on the request
    The Ivy has steps
    Barefoot on Third has steps

    Ok I give up....why steps?

    1. Is this a proposal situation? Steps making it easier to take a knee?

      1. Bazaar has steps leading from the drive to the front door, not sure if that's what you mean.

        Plus, it has a stunning interior (Phillipe Starck designed)

        1. I assume you are a plaintiff's contingency lawyer who files vexatious ADA access lawsuits. Or maybe a toymaker who has come up with a new and improved Slinky.

          Well, you might as well have a good meal while you're working.

          Try Catch at the Casa del Mar Hotel. Two beautiful sets of stairs at the hotel entrance, and another at the restaurant.

          1. I almost broke my neck on the circular stairs at KatsuYa at the Americana in Glendale....