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Dec 16, 2008 02:59 PM

Taste or Mulberry Wine Bar..

Which would you hoose for a Saturday night, about 14 people. Both places will reserve space!

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  1. Two very different places. Mulberry is small and "homey". i would imagine you would take up most of the bar with your group. The people there are friendly and the small plates are yummy. I haven't had dinner there so can't comment, but the wine selection is nice and reasonably prices. We really like to stop in here for a quick nibble and a glass of wine.

    Taste is much larger and has the whole wine store/tasting thing going on. Again, the food is good, from the appetizers i have had. The wine selection is larger and can be much more involved since you can go grab your own tastings.

    If it were me i would take over Mulberry, but i like the smaller place.

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      wow, actually got reservations for 14 at Mulberry?! that space is really small, so you're almost taking up the whole place. kinda like having a private party there...

      mulberry might be my favorite wine bar in austin. i LOVE their wine list. whoever created it has the same taste as i do, so i've NEVER had a bad wine there. their cheese plate is excellent as well. i think their food is just okay though...

      taste has good wine selection as well. they happen to carry one of my favorites: the Palacios Remondo "Propiedad" Rioja. they have a solid cheese selection, with great accompaniments. i think their food is also 'just okay' though, but i think it's slightly better than mulberry's food offerings.

      but given the two options, i'd also take over Mulberry...

    2. Went to Mulberry yesterday. Just want to say one thing. The food presentation was awful. I have never seen anything like it.

      The crostini with pear and goat cheese.....delicious.....but the way it was layed? Ugh. White plate, white toast, white pears, white goat added color at all. Nary a sprig of this or that. Very strange.

      The tomato on toast, really yummy......but again.....the ugliest dish i've ever seen.
      The thinly sliced tomato was a sick pink color, almost like shaved flesh (sorry) layed out on a ciabatta toast. Again, no sprigs of greenery. We all sort of said "eeeewwww"....But it was good.

      The risotto, was rich and creamy, but they served in a big white bowl.....and it had this brown grey color like oatmeal........again the table cries "eeeeeeewwwwwww".....but it was good.

      Color means everything to me in a dish. Maybe i'm just weird.........

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      1. re: scoutaustin

        I have never had a bad dish at mulberry and their wine selection offered a lot to choose from. I'm not as turned off by their food presentation as Scout is, but that's me. When paying premium prices for food you should definitely be happy with the whole sh-bang

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          Pink tomatoes, white pears, brown mushrooms?????? No random herb oils, fruit puree, or inedible random parsley and lemon wheel garnishes... Just food, simple and good on a plate?!? OMFG.... There are restaurants that go to lengths to make sure store bought mango and rasberry perfect puree makes it on EVERY plate, no matter what it is!!!
          And whats up with white plates and bowls... WEIRD

        2. I haven't tried Mulberry, but I like Cru much better than Taste and they also reserve space