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Dec 16, 2008 02:50 PM

looking for ideas on destinations for a day get-away...

Oh dear, do we need to get away for a day.

We live just north of Philly near Trenton and we'd really like to get in the car this Sunday morning, and just drive to somewhere that provides a distraction, perhaps something to get us into the Christmas spirit, some good food, something to take our minds off the cares of the world for a day.

We are very williing to drive an hour or two.

I've been reading about the farmer's markets on a post below, particularly Zerns - they appear to be open this Sunday. We do like farmer's markets and fresh food and that kind of thing. If you've been there, is it a place that might fit the bill for us - enough to keep us interested and distracted for a few hours, some good food to eat, etc?

On the other hand, when we were younger, we used to enjoy New Hope for a day - now it just seems crowded and the sidewalks are to skinny for comfortable strolling.

Too cold to go to Ellis Island.

Done Philly to death already.

Did New York in the fall when it was still warm and beautiful.

Use your imagination - any ideas for us that combines a holiday distraction, interesting sites and good food?

Thanks for any suggestions...

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  1. You could drive down to Chester County, do a wine and local cheese tasting at VaLa Vineyard, then head over to the Whip Tavern for some beer, food, and fantastic atmosphere. Longwood Gardens is in that area too and it is beautiful during the holidays. That would be my perfect day trip!

    Have fun!

    1. How about New Hope? It may be crowded but it is a charming town - lots of shopping, lots of eating, nice scenery. If you do go just be careful about parking only in legal spots and keep the meter full.

      1. Come to Longwood Gardens.....and come early. See the earlier post ofn traffic and times. Have lunch in their cafeteria........its GOOD! See the lights, the skating. Come Fri or Sat and you can go to the Farmer's market in Boothwyn (corner of route 261 and ????) where there are marvelous food shops - some of them Mennonite or Amish run, great little luncheon places and other fun stalls. Need a place to stay? There are several B&B in the area as well as the Brandywine Hotel, or more economic, Holiday Inn or Concordville Inn Best Western

        Brandywine River Museum is a treat this time of year with lots of trees decorated with figurines made out of local plants and berries. Chaddsford Winery is just another 2 miles up the road, for a great visit, wine-tasting.

        Come to my house and see the (too many) deer, eating my azaleas!......LOL

        Seriously, I do not belong to any Chamber of Commerce Group or own any of the suggested stuff, but it can be a fun weekend away in the 2-3 hour time you want.

        Be aware.......because of the crowds, Longwood now has timed admission tickets that you can get on-line. They can't limit how long you stay, but they can limit when you enter. See my earlier post on Longwood as to how to enjoy. And that post (do a search) also
        has some great ideas as to where to go eat.

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              To the chowhound team:
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