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Dec 16, 2008 01:58 PM

Commander's Palace Brunch

I'm coming to NO next month for the first time for a bachelorette party (thanks for everyone who helped with our previous posts). Can someone please weigh in on Commander's Palace for brunch on Sunday? I've heard great things, but the prices on their website are making me a little wary. Is it worth it? Do they let diners share or does everyone need to order their own appetizer/entree/dessert? Seems like a ton of food, especially for the morning after our planned Bourbon Street bar crawl...

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  1. I think it's worth it for sure....if you're out late the night before, try to get reservations for the early afternoon instead of morning.

    The service is impeccable, the food is great. Everyone has a choice of their own picks (maybe 5 or 6 in each, entree, dessert). I'm pretty sure you can't share. Plus they serve this amazing garlic bread. You definitely leave stuffed, but it's a great experience.

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      Definitely worth it. We go every time we come to New Orleans - 4 times a year and the price isn't too expensive as it includes everything except your bar bill and tip. Go and enjoy!!!

    2. My last experiance at Commanders for lunch was terrible even though I seem to be in the minority! I've lived here my whole life and dined at Commanders a number of times and have had friends and family over the years work there, but I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to go back.

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        Runs hot-and-cold for me. Sometimes great but "off" othertimes (never had anything "terrible" though. One time the coffee was burned and they tried to slough that off as "strong New Orleans coffee." That was baloney. My experience has been that an executive Chef gets things going and then leaves...or dies...and it takes awhile to get things straight again sometimes. I've not been in a long while but that is my fault. My spies will report when things are good--and that doesn;t mean they aren't good now, I just have not heard anything lately.

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          I was there for brunch in late November and it was most excellent. We had a party of 10, the service was great, the food choices were delicious, I think we tried everything on the menu. I would go back again in a heartbeat.