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Biddeford ,Maine

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I will be in Bidderford,Maine next week . Could someone let me know where the good restaurants
located ??

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  1. Places recommended on Chowhound recently include:

    Run of the Mill (Saco), Mia's (Saco), and Jewel of India(Biddeford).

    If willing/able to travel a little further, search Kennebunk/Ogunquit and many options in Portland.

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      You cannot go wrong with Mia's. Easily the best restaurant in Saco, and gives most places in Portland a run for their money. Very interesting wine list, as well. Please go, and tell others!

    2. I put my vote in the Jewel of India.

      As an aside, the New Orleans insired bistro (next to the burrito place in Biddeford) has closed and the sushi place across the street serves huge pieces of fish, if not too large, it's still a great deal.

      1. Agree with other poster, Jewel of India and Mia's are both very good. Jewel is small restaurant with surprising good indian food. Mia's is wonderful for more American/Continental food. I had a fish dish that was perfectly cooked, dessert was good too. Atmosphere at Mia's is a little more upscale than Jewel (altho still very casual), as is the neighborhood (downtown Saco). But can't go wrong with either restaurant. Check out Mia's website www.miasatpepperellsquare.com for menu and prices.

        1. Que Huong, across from the mill on your way from saco into biddeford, is a great little vietnamese place with great food and a incredibly friendly woman who runs the place.

          I've only been to jewel of india once, and my experience wasn't special...but people often reccomend it on this board, so I plan on giving it another chance.

          Lastly, Pizzy By Alex in biddeford is one of my favorite pizza places in the country (however many might disagree with that)

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            With regards to Pizza by Alex, I would fall into the latter camp; we didn't find it very impressive.

          2. Sorry, but playing "Little Sir Echo" here.
            The Jewel of India, and over a course of several years, has been an amazingly consistent apex go-to-place whenever I get that curry Jones. I don't know of Indian north of the Mass. border that I could more strongly recommend. And I have The Hounds to thank for leading me to it originally.


            The Jewel of India
            26 Alfred St, Biddeford, ME 04005

            1. If you're looking for ethnic food, Jewel of India is good, though they've slipped a bit lately. Que Huong offers some great Vietnamese food, and Bua Thai up the road in Old Orchard is also quite good.

              For pub fare, Run of the Mill can be good, but I've found the food there to be a bit inconsistent - they're relatively new, so they may still be ironing out the kinks. The beer is great though.

              If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, Mia's is hands down the spot. Fantastic food, and a great wine list.

              1. Cole Road Cafe is great for breakfast and lunch. They are closed Mon. and Tues. Also, Lucky Logger is a good fairly inexpensive breakfast place.

                1. Same question-- looking for good places in or around Biddeford. I'm going end of August / beginning of Sept. so I expect the answers may be different due to some seasonal places being open.

                  I'd also like some suggestions for child friendly places, and maybe some good take out, please! :)

                  1. I highly suggest people DO NOT eat at Que Huong. I've eaten Vietnamese food in NY, Boston, and homemade... this place was not only a let down, some of the food was hard to even eat. The ladies were very sweet so I thought I'd give it a try, but $15 could have gone to a nice bottle of wine or something.

                    I ordered the medium beef pho (#20 I think). All you could taste in this broth were the star anise which made me think, okay maybe this pho will be decent because they were serving it with the typical beansprouts, basil, lime, all the necessities in a good bowl of pho. Then I got to the noodles. You could instantly tell from the first bite that the noodles were NOT freshly cooked. But instead REHEATED and no less in the microwave presumably (I saw them utilize the microwave 4 times in the 20 minutes I was there...). The noodles were MUSHY. I got to the point where I almost wanted to gag because of the texture of the mushy noodles.
                    The other dish ordered was... #15? It was the rice noodle combo of the fried spring roll and "grilled pork." I say "grilled" because I heard no sizzle of the grilling while waiting for my food. The pork was forgettable, no grill marks, or taste of any kind of caramelization. Again, the rice noodles used in this dish was obviously reheated because again, texture was an issue and the noodles were simply TOO wet which watered down the entire meal. The fried spring roll was not very crispy or a golden brown but at least there were the standard glass noodles, carrot, and pork in it.

                    I can say the food is authentic, but just not good.