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Dec 16, 2008 01:29 PM

Domino's Oven Baked Sandwiches

I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand with Domino's new offering. These oven baked sandwiches obviously look incredible in the marketing.

Are these worth the steep $5 price tag in a pinch? Tasty at all?

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  1. We ordered those at work the other day when the weather was bad. I had the "Philly Steak" and it was mostly bread. Don't recommend.

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    1. re: Samalcious

      Sounds like these Domino’s cheesesteak sandwiches are really inconsistent from location-to-location. Yours was all bread, for completely different reasons mine was maybe the worst sandwich I’ve ever tried, and “why_itsme” really liked his (here: ).

      The worst part of mine was the meat. If a cheesesteak’s meat is going to be of the mystery variety, it should not have meaningful texture in the mouth. The only mouth feel it should provide is greasy, fatty melting meat goodness as it slides down your throat (which is why most grill men chop the meat into small bits).

      My cheesesteak meat was in the form of tough, one-inch squares thick enough to require chewing. UGH! I almost threw the sandwich out after one bite, but persevered to get a complete picture since I knew it was unlikely I’d ever try one again.

      The next unpleasant surprise came when I bit into another tough item, this one requiring removal from my mouth before I could identify it as a rubbery mushroom. UGH UGH! At that point (3 bites in?) I threw the sandwich out.

      The other bad parts of the sandwich were the roll, which looked and felt like it had been left in a panini press too long (it was pressed flat and approached a hard cracker-like consistency), and the fact that the entire roll had been liberally doused with some unidentified oil that bore a strong resemblance to movie popcorn oil. UGH UGH UGH!

      The rest of the ingredients were non-descript, I didn’t notice them.

      I was very surprised because Domino’s in general (and this location in particular) makes adequate pizza (I’ve eaten dozens of Domino’s pies from multiple locations, and have never been dissatisfied), it’s pretty hard to screw up a basic pizza.

      The same should be true of a basic cheesesteak, but this location (149-07 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY) found a way.

      1. re: JackTheLurker

        I don't like them anymore!

        You used to be able to customize the sandwiches. You can't anymore. The whole reason I like them was that I could get extra steak but no peppers and onions.

        Oh well. Still looking for that elusive good steak & cheese in the greater Seattle area. It doesn't seem to exist.

    2. I'll stick with starvation before eating anything from Dom's.

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      1. re: cstr

        "Starvation" isn't an option when you travel. You don't travel.

        1. re: JackTheLurker

          I travel extensively, I like to get below the tourist trap and chains layer and find the local jewels. It's all about the hunt, and I usually do well and never starve.

          1. re: cstr

            Congratulations for having the time and money to be able to “travel extensively” while being able “to get below the tourist trap and chains layer and find the local jewels”, while knowing “It’s all about the hunt…”

            Those of us who don't have the time to "hunt" while we travel would appreciate you revealing the "jewels" you've found.

            1. re: JackTheLurker

              Jack, I travel a huge amount and can't recall even once having resorted to Domino's. You have no time for the hunt? Then you're at WORK. You don't TRAVEL.

      2. I had the Italian one, it was not enough meat, but what do you really expect. In a pinch, latenight, they are worth the call I guess. By me they are the only place that delivers after midnight.. Is 5 dollars really that steep? If it is, I would suggest ramen noodles...

        1. Definitely would not order again. They were dry, over baked and like others have said the meat was nearly non-existant.

          1. Coincidentally, I finished one just five minutes ago (I had one of those free gift cards Domino's gave away when the sandwiches were introduced). The chicken parmesan. Bland, as in no real tomato or parmesan flavor. Too much bread, not enough meat. The only pro -- it stayed hot during the 10 minutes it took to walk back to my office from the store.

            I'm no fan of either Quizno's or Subway, but they are still better than this.