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Favorite pre-packaged cookie mixes?

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I've been assigned cookies for this year's holiday potluck, and while I would normally make them from scratch, I just don't have the time this year. I would love suggestions on your favorite gourmet cookie mixes, preferably something a little more tasty and with less chemical preservatives than Betty Crocker or Nestle. Any brands that you like?

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  1. Stonewall Kitchen mixes or Ina Garten would do nicely.

    I am not sure if Ina has cookie mixes, she does have cakes, cupcakes & muffins tho.

    1. I think the Jacques Torres line of cookie mixes is phenomenal... not a word I bandy about much.


      1. People on these boards speak highly off Ghirardelli's brownie mix. You can get it at Costco.

        1. I'm a big fan of the Lazy Baker cookie mixes, which offers a Pecan Shortbread flavor that I really like, as well as a really good Gingerbread mix that includes a cookie cutter and icing. (Good for kids.) The cookies come out great, practically homemade. I also like Sisters Gourmet, which feature the mix layered in a jar. Cute for a gift, but in terms of taste, I prefer Lazy Baker. I also believe that the Barefoot Contessa has gourmet cookie mixes, but I have never tried them.

          Lazy Baker - www.thelazybaker.com
          Sisters Gourmet - www.sistersgourmet.com

          1. i'm pretty sure i've also read very positive reviews of some TJ's mixes lately...?

            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think I will do a little sampling of all and report back on my favorites!

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                My favorite cheat for Christmas parties and lacrosse team snacks, etc is 600lb Gorilla Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is frozen in a box of 120 and BJ's always has them. They are so good and taste nothing like the Nestles. No preservatives or artificial ingredients. www.600lbgorillas.com

              2. Following up on my cookie adventures, I ended up picking up two packages of Lazy Baker, one Gingerbread and one Pecan Shortbread, and splurging on a Jacques Torres French Kiss mix. I also picked up a Barefoot Contessa White Chocolate Chip Chocolate cookie mix as a backup, but didn't end up needing it.

                The Lazy Baker turned out incredibly tasty gingerbread, and the cookie cutter man and icing that came with the package made it easy to do festive gingerbread men. The pecan shortbread was crumbly and buttery. I took leftovers from one of those batches and crumbled it into some butter pecan ice cream - fantastic.

                The French Kiss was a new take on chocolate chip, with dark chocolate swirls instead of chips. The cookies were great, very grown-up and not overly sweet. All three were big hits at the holiday party, with the pecan shortbread being the fan favorite.

                Thanks again for all your recs!

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                  It's good to hear back.

                  You know that from now on you're the "cookie man" don't you?