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Dec 16, 2008 12:50 PM

Birthday Dinner

I'm new to New Orleans and want to take my boyfriend to dinner for his birthday.

He's an adventurous foodie so he's up for anything, anything but a bad wine list that is.

For my part, I'm a student so funds are a bit limited. What I'd really like is a place that tastes like it will break the bank but leaves some change in my pocket. That being said, I am willing to splurge at bit, he's worth it. :-)

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. go to Lola on Esplanade. start the night at either Swirl or CorK and Bottle and pick out a wine to bring to dinner.
    check out Swirl's and C&B's calendars for free wine tastings they may be having before your meal.

    1. If you are both drinkers I'd HIGHLY recommend EAT on the corner of Dumaine and Dauphine. Really small and quaint and the food is really incredible. But what really is great about it is that it's BYOB and they charge no cork fee. So you can bring any alcohol or wine that you like.

      1. Go to nomenu.com for a list /menus for Reveillion dinners. You may also want to consider a birthday lunch. Cuvee has 3 courses $25, Mila 3 for $20, Bayona has a discounted menu as well. Martinique has free corkage on Tues. nights. Rambla has a tapas menu allowing for an array of tasty plates inexpensively. Depending upon your choices, $50 should leave you both quite full. Red sangria is also good .

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          Lots of great suggestions. Thanks everyone. New Orleans is a great place to be a foodie. My only problem now is picking one place out so many choices.