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Dec 16, 2008 12:43 PM

Raleigh restaurants near Waraji?

I need to run an errand up on Glenwood Ave and I don't think I can take another sushi meal right now, despite how good Waraji always is. Anything else in the general area that is worth a look? I don't want to have to put on a tie and I don't want a fast food joint. Anything between those two extremes is fair game, and all ethnicities are warmly welcomed. Just a random search for a drop-in place to try that I may not have known about. That's not my turf.


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  1. Could try Bella Monica......just down the way a couple of miles on the corner of Duraleigh and Edwards Mill

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      Thanks, klaatu. I wish I had seen your post before trying Assaggio's. It had a bunch of rave reviews on CitySearch. Ugh. Neither of us liked our meal very much. Oh well... live and learn.

    2. How about Taverna Agora? A very nice Greek place on Glenwood.

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        Wish I had thought of that. I've been wanting to try them out. Thanks!

      2. I applaud your system of landmarks based on worthy restaurants. I work in the same way. I'll tell my wife a place downtown is near Raleigh Times Bar or 3 blocks north of Poole's Diner.