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Dec 16, 2008 12:34 PM

Belmont gift certificate

I am at a loss for a gift for a friend living in Belmont - but not local so don't know the area. New baby, but doesn't seem to be a good grocery store that delivers in the area? So was thinking about a restaurant gift certificate so ehtye don't have to cook. Not pizza or Italian or burgers, but either family friendly or date night type restaurants in Belmont or Cambridge area. Would love Mexcian (they miss it from their California days). Around $50-$75. Not big foodies - doesn't need to be super fancy, but like good food and they don't have a ton of money.

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  1. Belmont's tough. Might see if Stella's Pizza in Watertown does gift certificates. They will deliver to some of Belmont and the Za is great.

    Shangri-La is excellent Chinese. Don't know if they do GCs.

    This is a very shi shi little cafe that I bet would do the trick:

    Vicky Lee's
    105 Trapelo Road
    Belmont, MA 02478

    1. For a supermarket that delivers, you might consider Roche Brothers. They don't have a location here in Belmont, but last time I checked, they do deliver.

      Unfortunately, I can't think of a single Mexican restaurant in town, let alone a good one! I agree with another poster: Shangri-La is a great choice for eating in Belmont. It's Taiwanese. You might also consider Savino's, on Common Street about a block from Cushing Square.

      1. I believe the Stop&Shop will deliver through their PeaPod service. The store is actually in Watertown but I checked with a zipcode and it looks like they'll supply Belmont.

        There is a great Peruvian place in Somerville, easy to get to from Belmont called Machu Picchu... here's the website:

        There is another spot that does take out and has some seating delish but a bit expensive (ie: a very nice treat) - Sofra Bakery:

        hope these are helpful :)

        1. Kitchen On Common is excellent and quite reasonable. More of a date-night type of place, but I've seen families in there as well.

          Kitchen on Common
          442 Common St, Belmont, MA 02478

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            And last I knew, byob, which makes it quite affordable on a budget.

            1. re: bear

              There is a very good Thai place, Patou Thai ,and a very good Indian place, Kashish in Belmont Center. They are both very nice, but you certainly could bring children. There is a nice Italian place, Savino's Grille in Cushing Square, Belmont, but I have never eaten there and can' t vouch for it.

              Of course there is a huge selection of restaraunts in neighboring Cambridge and also Waltham.

              There is no Mexican I can think of in Belmont. There is in Cambridge, but I will leave it to someone else to recommend.

              There is also a store called the Spirited Gourment in Belmont that carrries wine, cheese, gourmet items. Maybe that would be a nice place to get a certificate if your friends are into food.

              1. re: pemma

                I don't consider Patou or Kashish to be very good.

                Both restaurants have nice decor.

                They both do very standardized versions of food in the respective cuisines.

                Little spice, little fish sauce in the thai. In some ways they are quite similar in that nothing ever really stands out. The food is very sanitized for American tastes. Not bad per se, but so boring that even though I live and work nearby, I never eat at either one unless I am dragged.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  Patou frequently has a braised shortrib on the specials menu that is quite good (and a huge amount of food). I agree that most of the other dishes are uninspired. Kashish, on the other hand, does reasonable indian food... although never spicy enough. It is not destination dining, but certainly a serviceable neighborhood spot.

                  Savino's, on the strength of one visit, was unremarkable and expensive. Not really worth it, certainly not on the regular rotation.

                  Angelato, on trapello, is a relatively new gelateria (sp?) - they definitely do gift certificates, and have gotten some good reviews. I am not an ice cream fan, so I cannot really comment intelligently, but my family members certainly like their products when served at local restaurants.

                  1. re: tdaaa

                    I'm not an expert on authentic Indian or Thai meals, but I have had several enjoyable meals at both Kashis and Patou.

                    1. re: tdaaa

                      Will have to try the short ribs next time. Ate at Savino's once myself and was underwhelmed.

            2. Perhaps a gift certificate to Zocalo on Broadway in East Arlington? I've always had good Mexican food there...