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Vegas Restaurants Not On the Strip

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I am looking for a few Steak or Italians restaurants in Vegas, to take my fiancé and family to, that are NOT located on the strip. I understand that the strip has some very nice places, but it would be good to get away from the casinos. I would like a nice environment, with good food, no chains please, and no outrageous prices. Anyone have suggestions?

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      If you are referring to the Venetian restaurant that was featured on the old Food Network Show...The Best of with Jill Cordes and Mark Silverstein...which was open 24 hours......the episode peeked my curiosity enough to try it when I went to Las Vegas back around 2003.

      If so, I would have to say I respectfully disagree and say to forget any notion to go there for any reason.....quite possibly the worst Italian food I have ever had ever. The Neck Bone Gravy(which was featured on the show) was.....like brown gravy from a can with fatty meat bits.....and the Veal Milanese ....was like greasy shoe leather.

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        Ferraro’s has been giving their patrons coupons good for 40% off on all food and beverage good until January 31.

        The truth is that I don’t know for sure if that was the reason I returned so quickly. If the meal sucked, I would have tossed it. But it didn’t. Four of us saved almost $300 tonight. That is strong.

        On the other hand the restaurant picked up an incremental $400 to say nothing of the gratuity. That’s pretty good too. People who have money to spend in this economy will find some real good deals out there.

        Barry Shulman

      2. Plenty of choices. For Italian, I can recommend Casa di Amore (on Tropicana a few blocks east of Eastern - try the pork chops with vinegar peppers); Bootlegger Bistro (S. Las Vegas Blvd. near Blue Diamond); both Nora's (one on W. Flamingo; one in Boca Park, which I like a little better). For steak? Hmm. There is "Steak", in Henderson - but there are so many incredibly good steak places here on the Strip, why not go all out for one of those?

        1. It depends a bit where you are. If you are in Green Valley/Henderson/east of I-15, I'd recommend Todd's. I think you would find it meets all your criteria. If you are in Summerlin, or west, I'd look at Vintner Grill. I'd also consider Nora's Wine Bar for Italian.

          1. In addition to above suggestions, which are good, the standard places that are often mentioned here on CH and elsewhere are Rosemary'sand Table 34. No need to stop there however. There's Ventano's, Mimmo Ferraro, and Panevino all for updated Italian style. Looking beyond steak and Italian, there are lots of breakfast possibilities such as Hash House and Hash House a go go. Many sushi options--we recently tried Oyshi which was excellent. Asian places on Spring Mountain. Mexican. Also Lotus of Siam (LOS for short) which you should try unless Thai just isn't on your radar screen. You really need to search through previous threads. We assume you will have wheels. It is true that there's really not much in the way of steakhouses off the strip that are especially compelling.

            1. Charlie Palmer Steak is an excellent restaurant on the south end of the Strip. Located in a non-gaming hotel (the Four Seasons), it's far from mid-Strip chaos and is as tranquil an environment as you are likely to find in a Las Vegas steakhouse. The beef is excellent -- flavorful, fine-textured, and properly grilled -- and the sides are of high quality. For an appetizer, you can't beat the silky-smooth foie gras terrine with a great glass of sweet German Riesling -- expensive but memorable.

              1. How about Becker's Steakhouse for something off the Strip. I always enjoyed this place when I was living in the area. You can get a great steak no matter what time of day it is.

                For Italian off-Strip I'd head to the Bootlegger or Nora's. Both are decent options but nothing earth shattering.

                I always enjoyed Grape Street Cafe as well ( I've never had a bad experience ), but I've seen/heard mixed reviews.

                Grape Street Cafe
                7501 W Lake Mead Blvd Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89128

                Becker Steakhouse
                2400 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128

                Bootlegger Bistro
                7700 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

                Nora's Wine Bar & Osteria
                1031 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

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                  I would second the recommendations for Bootleggers Bistro and I think it's much better than some of the other reviewers would have you believe. I'm Italian and I love Bootleggers. Authentic Italian food and family recipes there.