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Christmas Eve Lunch in Somerville Area?

Gwendolen Dec 16, 2008 12:16 PM

I'm looking for some ideas of where to take my new mother-in-law for Christmas Eve lunch in the Bridgewater/Somerville area. (I got married on 12/6!). She hates "upscale" places and is very non-adventurous insofar as cuisine is concerned (i.e., she likes basic American fare), so places like Shumi, Origin, etc. are out of the question.

We've taken her to McCormick and Schmicks the past few years which she seems to enjoy, but I would like something different this year. Any suggestions?



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    Heatherb RE: Gwendolen Dec 16, 2008 01:09 PM

    Isn't there an Old Man Rafferty's in the area on 206? That's nothing stellar culinarily speaking, but it's not a fancy shmancy atmosphere and there's plenty of basics on their vast menu. My friends and I occasionally go there when we're at loose ends, and we've never had what could be termed "bad" food - just unexciting (we get more excited about the crazy dessert selection). But I think for the unadventurous eater it is a very safe bet.

    Congrats on your marriage!

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      tom246 RE: Gwendolen Dec 16, 2008 03:38 PM

      First, congratulations Gwen on the big day! Another possibility is La Scala Italian restaurant in Somerville. We have not been in about two years but the couple of times we went were very good. Here is some info.

      1. ambrose RE: Gwendolen Dec 16, 2008 05:16 PM

        I thought this was going to be an easy question to answer but every place I thought of was Italian, Thai, Portuguese, Lebanese, Japanese, etc., etc.!!

        So, I suggest you consider The Pluckemin Inn, which is just up Route 206 in Bedminster. Yes, it's considered an upscale restaurant, but mainly for dinner. I've been a couple of times for lunch and have found it to be pretty casual with good food at reasonable prices. I don't think your MIL would hate it! Have a look at their lunch menu and see if it might work for you.


        PS Sit in the main dining room rather than the tavern room
        PPS I've never needed a reservation at lunch but Christmas Eve lunch may be different.

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          dragonguy RE: ambrose Jan 31, 2009 03:00 PM

          lunch at pluckeminn is very casual, much to my surprise, primarily elegant sandwich type food

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