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Dec 16, 2008 12:12 PM

Best Chinese BBQ house ALTA

OK Where can I find juicy tender Bbq pork for a good price? Do I have to stick to places in Chinatown ? Been to T and T. It's passable but is there anything better?

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  1. (assuming you're talking about Calgary)

    Ken BBQ house, 3rd Ave S.W. in chinatown. Cheap and juicy pork (two kinds), duck, chicken and some other things. I think they close at 5 so that could be a problem for you.

    1. Oh gross, the second google result for Ken BBQ house is a list of CHR violations. Never mind then.

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        that seems to be happening to alot of those kind of seems to be a gamble finding one that playes by the rules.there was one on 17 th ave se .across the street from coop that had really good stuff ,pork and duck,but i havent seen him there latly.hope he didnt fall into the same chr bad because i like the char sui bbq pork as well .i think i even started a port like this one earlier,but its nise to see a more recent post to see if there is any new recs

        1. re: howlin

          if you want good bbq duck . . . i think Sun's on Center St and near 16th Ave N does it well. The skin is very crispy and the rest of their bbq is decent

      2. We just bought BBQ pork from the place in Tops supermarket on 16th and Centre North. It looks moist but we haven't eaten it yet. The counter in Happy Valley cafe in Chinatown is the most consistently good I've found.

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        1. re: sharonanne

          Happy Valley +1, it's the only BBQ I found to be consistent as well.

        2. The only one I have been to in Edm is the one on 118ave and 97st SW corner. I cant remember what it called except BBQ house. He's been there long time. Take out only. They may have one table at the front. But it very popular with the First Responders so that is generally a sign that they have good food. My partner buys for his family I buy the lunch special. It cheap and filling and yummy. They close at 19:00 hrs.

          1. I like Gee Gong at 206 Center St.

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            1. re: Mawson Plan

              They're great until they run out of pork, duck and chicken :(