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Jan 22, 2004 02:27 AM

Dino's Burgers

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Does Dino's still exist? I saw an earlier thread and the chicken sounds great.

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  1. I think Dino's will be around for decades to come.

    The chicken is excellent. The pastrami dip is superb. The burgers are OK. The atmosphere - 0

    The french fries are very good, a result of preparing them by the same original method McDonald's used before they began using frozen fries. Fresh, whole potatoes are peeled, cut, quickly blanched and allowed to air dry before they are deep fried to a finish. The only difference is that McDonald's was using beef tallow for frying then. Dino's uses vegetable oil like everyone else nowadays.

    My only complaint with Dino's is the way they serve the fries on a plate underneath the chicken. It just makes the french fries soggy. Easily solved, though. Just ask for the fries to be served separate.

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    1. re: Sam D.

      Um... i'm not so sure about that vegetable oil thing, unles you've asked and had confirmation from the owner/kitchen staff. Last time I went to Dino's, I saw them put a big solid block of white (I was assuming either lard or tallow) substance into the fryer and letting it melt into the fryer. I've never seen vegetable oil in a solid white brick, but I admit that i'm no expert.

      edit: I like the soggy fries and always ask for extra sauce with my chicken plate. My fingers turn bright orange from eating everything, but it's worth it!

      1. re: Devourer

        Vegetable oil comes that way. Think Crisco in the can.

        1. re: Devourer

          It's solid from the hydrogenation. Fast-food fries haven't been made in tallow for years. Tallow must be changed daily while hydrogenated oil can be reused for weeks. Vastly cheaper.

          Campanile might make fries with tallow. Dino's, no.

        2. re: Sam D.

          if that white block of stuff is vegetable oil, it is HYDROGENATED vegetable oil.

        3. Dino's Burgers
          2575 W Pico Blvd - Los Angeles, CA

          I have to say that while it is true, (as the poster below notes) that putting the fries under the chicken makes them a little soggy, it is a great thing because they are getting soaked in the iridescent red/orange garlic flavored sauce that comes down off of the chicken. The taste is incredibly good, and while this is a dive, it is a chowhound dive for a nirvanic taste treat. Just to encourage you I have added a link to the msn map locator page for Dino's.


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          1. re: WLA

            I am usually a crispy-fry-guy, but I have to agree...the Dino's soggy-style is truly amazing. I devour those spuds and sauce with greasy abandon, never missing my beloved crispy-fry..

            1. re: WLA

              Since roast chicken is just about my favorite dish, I plan to check it out soon. Thanks for the info.

            2. There is another Dino's that may or may not be affiliated with the one on Pico being discussed here.......
              But they have the same type of chicken dish being described the "irradescent orange" w/ garlic flavor etc.......same bottom fry treatment as well......
              also with -0- atmosphere.....
              It's on Main St. btwn. Daly & Thomas in Boyle Heights just northeast of downtown L.A.....I always thought their burgers were pretty good at this location though.....and if you buy 2 'burger specials' it's only 5 bucks for both!

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              1. re: slowrider

                I'll give that one a try and hope for the best. It's a lot closer to me than the Pico location.

              2. I used to live in LA and loved Dino's. A few years ago the LA Times did a review of their chicken and that weekend the place was packed. All the regulars were grumbling about the place being "discovered." When i lived in LA - only about 4 years ago - the chicken was about $4. And it was heaven.

                  1. re: AppleSpam

                    Yup. Mr. Gold LOOOOOVES the fries underneath the chicken BECAUSE they're saturated! He really does make it sound like a good thing, and ya know what? He may be right. Hey, we don't all demand that our fries be crackly-crisp every time; there have been occasions when I was happy to have them dripped on, considering this to be another variation on the theme of potatoes and gravy.

                    Having said that, now I want to go check out Dino's!