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Dec 16, 2008 12:04 PM


Hi, I have guests coming into town from Dec 24th-26th and am looking for places to have meals over that time. Likely Dinner on the 24th, perhaps something for brunch on the 25th, take out/price-fix menu/goodchinese on the 25th, and then dinner on the 26th. The caveat. We will have a gluten-free eater and a 3 year old. Thought of Candle 79...but not sure it's kid friendly. I know hounds are up for the challenge! Please help!

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  1. If Peter's Gourmet Diner on the Upper East Side (I forget the exact location, but they're on menupages) is open on those days, I'd highly suggest going there for brunch. It's not upscale, but they have a extensive gluten-free menu. My mom said the gluten-free french toast was better than the regular french toast she ordered. As for dinner, I'm not sure if Opus (also on the Upper East Side, not too far from Peter's, actually) is open those days, but if they are, I'd definitely suggest dinner there one night. It's a nice Italian place that opened in the fall, and they serve excellent gluten-free pastas. I've also been to Lilli and Loo's for chinese food, and I really enjoyed it. (They have gluten-free steamed dumplings! How often are you going to find those?)

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      Thanks! I live on the UES so these are perfect. Lilli and Loo's is open for Christmas. Peter's and Opus for X-mas eve. Are you familiar with Lumi? Kid-friendly? Have you ever eaten at Cafe D'alsace? Will they do gluten-free?

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        The food at Cafe D'alsace is very good. They don't have a gluten-free menu, but my son-in-law, who is gluten intolerant, has been there quite a few times and always manages to eat well.

    2. Risotteria has the best pizza going- I have been with kids of all ages. S'mac on 12th st is great for kids- GF mac and cheese as well as regular and you can chose exactly what kind of cheese, mix ins etc- one downer is that the wait can be long So many restaurants in NYC are celiac aware- you can go to Pommes Frites and make a meal of fries! Kids love Dosa- you could have a great meal at an Indian restaurant in Curry Hill. Everything meat at Hill Country, Dinosaur, and RUB( avoid the sauce) is GF. No issues with kids at either place
      Give us something more specific to work with...

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        I am very excited to try S'Mac and Risoterria, but both are closed over the holidays. I will look into the BBQ places. Have heard Blue Smoke has a gluten free menu and so had thought of that. Have you been?

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          Blue Smoke will not be open on Christmas Day but should be on the 24th & 26th. I don't recall ever seeing a gluten-free menu. But that shouldn't stop you because all Danny Meyer restaurants make it a point to accommodate patrons' allergies.

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            Hi -- Thanks RGR I appreciate your information. We may end up at D'Alsace on X-Mas, especially since you say your son-in law has done well there (price fix $37/3courses). This is the Blue Smoke Gluten free menu I found:
            Thank you again for the info!

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              When I click on that link to the Blue Smoke gluten-free menu, I get "Page Cannot Be Found." However, I just checked Blue Smoke's website and found it there. I had never noticed it before, so thanks for that tip.


              If you do go to Cafe D'Alsace and they are only offering the prix-fixe menu shown on their website, I'm sure I don't have to remind you that some or all of those dishes might have a gluten product as an ingredient. For example, the venison sausage could include bread crumbs as a binder. My son-in-law always asks to be sure. Servers tend not to know and have to check with the kitchen. Desserts are a particular problem because he also has to avoid dairy, so he generally sticks with sorbets.


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                Thank you again. I called Cafe D'Alsace and they will have their regular menu as well. Any recommendations from either menu that you think are worth trying? Things for those of us who eat gluten as well as for my gluten-free guest that your son-in-law has done well with?
                Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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                  From the regular menu, I would recommend the arugula salad with beets & goat cheese and the steak/frites.

                  I hope you have an enjoyable meal at d'Alsace and Bon Appetit!

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            I was going to suggest S'Mac and Risotteria (I live in the village and those are two of my favorites) as both are great for GF eaters and very kid friendly, but I checked their websites before I posted. Next time your gluten-free visitor comes to New York, I would definitely take them there.

        2. La Pala on Allen Street in LES (very convenient to the F train) does a great gluten free pizza in a casual but nice sit down attmosphere. Check their hours and if they are doing the gluten free everyday now. They started with it only on the weekends, but will do it by request if it's not all the time now.

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            The Menu Looks Terrific and it looks like they do gluten-free daily -- it's open 24th, 26th, 27th! Thank you! I'll report back.

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              I'm also going to suggest Mozzarelli's on 23rd between Park and Madison for GF pizza. The place is decidedly no-frills (it's a quick lunch spot for office workers in the area - they aren't even usually open on weekends) but the pizza is my favorite in the city. My non-GF friend has taken to going there without me, if that gives you any indication. They also have plenty of non-GF options, as well.

          2. There's an italian place in Murray Hill/Kips Bay called Bistango that has a gluten free menu. I live in the neighborhood and always have a great meal there and found the staff to be very friendly.