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Dec 16, 2008 11:58 AM

Best Hot Sauce selection - Vancouver BC

I'd like to give a gift of hot sauce selections and wondering if anyone could recommend a particular store (outside of Capers and Urban Fare) that has a good selection of hot sauces and gourmet food products in Vancouver BC. Any recommendations for favourite brands would be good too - the recipient has a diverse palette so I'm open to suggestions.

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  1. My recommendations of gourment stores for a selection fo hot sauces would be:

    1. South China Seas Trading Company
    Their "wall of fire" should give you the international selection hot sauces you will need. They have a location in the market at Granville Island and a new one on Victoria just north of 1st Avenue
    2. The Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings Street just east of Clark
    The gourmet mecca for foodies this gourmet store should meet your needs for sauces, cooking implements and anything else chowhound.
    My recommendation at GWh is Fischer & Wieser's Raspberry Chipotle Sauce -- a heavenly balance of sweet and heat -this sauce can be served as a condiment on a cheese plate or as a barbecue sauce for chicken. It is completely addictive -guaranteed

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      thanks lunchslut, i'm going to check out GWh - i think that might be a good place for the other foodie gifts on my list.

    2. t&t or sunrise for asian hot sauces

      1. There's some stuff at Sammy J Peppers on Granville Island too . Just as you walk inside, there's a selection of hot sauces and even super-hot microwave popcorn there (Dave's the stuff). I noticed Pure Cap there on one visit. The prices are not that great, but if you're a hot sauce aficionado, you're used to paying a premium for hot sauces.

        If you want to make the trek out to Surrey, Art Knapps has the BIGGEST selection of them all

        I personally like hot sauces by Hatari Bros and Denzels.

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        1. re: flowbee

          omg art knapp for hot sauces crazzzy!!

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            Incredible find flowbee. I'm not a hot sauce guy, but that store looks pretty impressive -- like the hot sauce boutiques you might see down in the States.

        2. I know South China Seas carries Marie Sharp's sauces from Belize. They're up there on my favorite list. I know this isn't an obscure rec, but Blair's is being carried by IGA these days. There seems to be a big push by Blair's Canadian distributor in the past few months for product availability.

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            also have a look @ Rice World across the street from sunrise, even if they don't have what you need its a pretty cool place to wander around as its completetely under the radar for alot of ppl

          2. What a nice gift idea. South China Seas carries a decent variety including my favorite: Bufalo brand chipotle sauce. Love it. They also have Pickapeppa and a variety of sambals. So you could put together a pretty cross-cultural selection.