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Dec 16, 2008 11:34 AM

Dillon's review

Quicktake: so-so gastro-pub food with indifferent service.

Things got off to a rocky start with lobsterless lobster mac-and-cheese. Sent it back, resulting in a visit from the manager who was unapologetic and offered too much information about how the lobster is portioned out. Heck, lobster is only $3.99 a pound retail and the dish was $13, so spare us the details on portioning and just make it right. Eventually a replacement dish appeared with a decent amount of lobster. The mac and cheese has a nice smoky flavor which we enjoyed once the lobster joined the party.

Seared tuna appetizer was cooked rare as it should be, but the presentation was unappetizing. It was just a plain tan-colored 1/2 inch thin tuna steak plopped on a plate with a dipping bowl of soy sauce and some pickled ginger.

I got the mushroom flat bread which was abundant with mushrooms, but lacking in mozzallera and had canned instead of fresh tomatoes.

Mushroom risotto was fair. Creamy but not aldente.

Consensus from our group was that the food wasn't horrible, but we won't go back because the staff didn't seem to care if we had an enjoyable meal and a short walk up Boyleston Street has much more to offer.

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  1. Thanks for the review - always wondered about that place - now I know.
    What other places do you have in mind in walking up Boylston? That area generally seems to suck food-wise, so curious to know your faves. Thanks!

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Atlantic Fish Company is my favorite place in that area.

    2. The one and only time that I had the opportunity to eat at Dillons, I was dragged there for a work related gathering. Although the food was not GREAT, it was by no means terrible either. I had a decent burger with sweet potato fries. I will agree that the service was a bit indiffferent, but in the wasteland that is Boylston street restaurants, its a decent option.

      Also: to agree with rouxmaker... Atlantic Fish is by far the best restaurant in that area. Everything else is pretty much just sub par.

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      1. re: NiKoLe1625

        But don't you consider Sel De La Terre and L'Espalier added to the mix now (not that I frequent them)? Just saying.

        Personally, if I have to eat in that area - before heading into Fenway, for example - it'll be Bukowski's (or Other Side) everytime.