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Dec 16, 2008 11:11 AM

Christmas Day Brunch in Vail/Beaver Creek (CO) area

Our all-adult group of 6 is looking for the BEST Christmas Day BRUNCH (i.e., 11am - 3pm) in Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado or surrounding area (we are staying in Dillon). I think Aspen is too far to drive.

Cost is no object, we are simply looking for the best (food is most important, service second, view/ambiance third).

Our main preference would be a Brunch Buffet, but we could also do a menu as long as they also have breakfast type items on it.

I have done significant internet research but am finding that most of the nicer restaurants don't have anything special going on and/or aren't serving Brunch (just their basic lunch menu and/or a special Dinner menu starting later in the day).

We have reservations at the new Atwater on Gore Creek (but since it's opening this week am obviously not going on reviews but reputation of the group behind it). Thus, we are looking for more options.

Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. I'd check with Restaurant Avondale in the Westin Resort in Avon. Their website doesn't say anything but maybe give them a call to find out what they might be doing.

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      In addition to Avondale, you may want to check with the Sonnealp (Vail) and Lodge at Vail to see what they are planning for Christmas day. However, I'd have a Summit County backup plan in case the weather stays like it has been. I drove Vail Pass yesterday and it was nasty, today is worse. Also, the Alpenrose in Vail may have breakfast items on their lunch menu.

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        If you can't find anyplace in Vail/Avon/Beaver Creek that meets your criteria (11-3; preferably buffet; must include breakfast items), it is possible that no restaurant in the Vail Valley is offering anything like that.

        Best bet would be a hotel restaurant that servces 3 meals/day anyway. In addition to Avondale (good recommendation), possibilities would be: Chap's in the Vail Cascade, Galileo in the Vail Plaza Hotel, Spago in the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, Ludwig's (or one of the other restaurants) at the Sonnenalp, Wildflower in the Lodge at Vail, the restaurant in the Beaver Creek Lodge Grouse Mountain Grill in The Pines Lodge (Beaver Creek).

        If you were contemplating driving to Aspen from Dillon, you might as well drive to Denver, which is closer. Speaking of driving, do be aware that it is 30 miles or so from Dillon to Vail over Vail Pass -- and Beaver Creek/Avon are another 10 or 12 miles. Your vehicle and your comfort level if the road is snow-covered should be factored into your Christmas brunch decision.

        Have you checked Keystone? It is much closer to Dillon. Ski Tip Lodge, Keystone Ranch or the Alpenglow Stube are the resort's best restaurants and might have Christmas brunch scheduled. Call 800-354-4FUN (4386) to inquire.

        Good luck finding what you want.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! Bighorn Steakhouse is the only one in Keystone w/a Brunch. Very litte info on this restaurant online. Claire, I read your well-written review of it from January '08 on Culinary Colorado, which would lead me to believe it would be good, but other reviews are mixed. Not sure it would be 4 Diamond. Unfortunately, most of the other 4 Diamonds only have dinner options. Still looking!

          1. re: mspchris

            My January '08 dinner at the Bighorn, as I indicated, was connected with the opening of Keystone's new spa. Resort managers were in attendance at the dinner for about 20 invited guests. Every course but the entree was pre-selected for us, which made it easier for the kitchen to handle the large group of us. It doesn't surprise me that other reviews have been mixed. My favorite restaurants at Keystone have been actually Ski Tip and Keystone Ranch, plus the Alpenglow Stube for its WOW! factor.

          2. re: ClaireWalter

            Claire, Chaps is now Atwater as mentioned by mspchris.

            1. re: BlueOx

              BlueOx - I think I knew that but spaced on it this morning. Thnx for reminding me.