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Best Cannoli in DC Metro Area?

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Preferably a place that I can drive to, park, pick up, and then drive home?


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  1. Galletta's in Leesburg, VA.

    freshly filled when order. They also have good sanwiches and paninis.

    1. Cornucopia in Bethesda

      1. A la Lucia in North Old Town Alexandria has great cannoli. I have ordered them take out a couple of times. Vaccarros outpost in Union Station in DC is good too.

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          Without a doubt 2Amys. It's very light (not heavy and gunky like others I've had). The shell is super crisp and thin (not thick and doughy) Simply the best I've ever had.

        2. I go to Marchone's in Wheaton. They fill to order.

          Marchone's Italian Deli
          11224 Triangle Ln, Wheaton, MD

          1. I had a very good one at Vace in Bethesda recently-- made me remember why a good cannoli is so good (and yes, I had to wait around for it to be filled). There's only about 3 parking spaces out front though.

            1. I remember seeing cannoi-to-go packaged with the pastry and filling packed separately. Am I imagining this, or perhaps thinking of a grocery store frozen package? Or did I really see it at a bakery somewhere?

              Seems to me that this would be a good thing (assuming it's not soy filling in an aerosol can) if the cannol wasn't going to be eaten for some time.

              1. Sfizi cafe in Fairfax (next to and affiliated with Dolce Vida) gets the shells and filling from NYC and puts them together for you on ordering. At least they did last time I went. They have small and large shells.