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Dec 16, 2008 10:48 AM

Miss Saigon Pho, Glen Burnie

Short version: Very happy with the Pho here! In fact, I think it is better than the Pho I had at Pho #1 in Catonsville, and also better than the Pho at Pho 75 in Arlington.

More detail: The broth was better able to stand on its own feet at Miss Saigon, compared to the two other joints. It was more fragrant, oniony-ier, and "beefier" than the others' broths. Spicing was very subtle, I didn't get much star anise at all.

I ordered a small bowl of their Specialty Pho for $7.95 (the smalls are $6.95 for any other permutation, and larges $7.95). The specialty Pho had, as far as I can tell, the following in it: tripe, a spicy meatball, a bit of tendon, eye round, brisket, and some other meat. I liked the variety of meats, and their tripe was so small and thin and really quite good.

Came with the classic accompaniments, in good quantity.

I also had a spring roll (rice paper filled with vermicelli, shrimp, and basil with peanut dipping sauce) that was quite good. They also have a number of other stir-fry and bun dishes.

The service is pretty hands off. They come to take your order and drop off what you ordered, and that's pretty much it. You go to the counter to pay when you are ready to go.

I was fascinated with the fact that, while I was the only Caucasian customer, all of the other customers were Latino! And they were all ordering Pho. We are indeed one huge melting pot.

I'm glad that there's a good Pho joint close to home. :) When I told the proprietors that I liked their Pho, they started asking me where else I've had it, so I told them what I wrote, above. They themselves live in Arlington, but since there are so many Pho joints near their home, they came all the way to Glen Burnie. I am quite glad that they did, and will add them to my steadily-growing Glen Burnie "go-to" restaurant list.

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  1. Hit Miss Saigon yesterday for some Pho. I had some Wednesday in Arlington and just wanted more. Now that I was able to do a near "head to head" comparison with what is commonly known as a gold standard, I can hands down say that Miss Saigon's broth is much heartier, much beefier, and much more flavorful than Pho 75 in Arlington.

    We ordered spring rolls and fried egg rolls. The spring rolls are still fantastic, and egg rolls are just average.

    The pho was stellar, as I've come to expect. This time I got #15: eye round and meatball. I ordered the eye round raw on the side, so that I could dunk it in my bowl as I wanted to, and eat it pretty bloody. They shaved them paper thin, and I was able to cook them to perfection as I wanted. We enjoyed it so much, we ordered another side of meat.

    Service is still hands off, but if you wave someone down they will get you want you need immediately.

    They have a number of rice and noodle dishes, but I only saw one customer out of about 15 order something other than the Pho.

    If you have a good Pho craving, this will hit the spot.

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    1. re: venera

      I'm glad you bumped this back up! I have come to rely on Miss Saigon as my pho-sure for take-out when I'm craving pho. After reading the raves about Mekong Delta I tried their pho (rare beef and meatball) and summer rolls and neither one dissuaded me from thinking that Miss Saigon is superior for both of those items. I agree that service at Miss Saigon is efficient but perfunctory and atmosphere is somewhat sterile, but since I'm usually not staying to eat, that isn't part of my equation.

      1. re: crackers

        I would second crackers recommendation- while Mekong works out its service and shortage issues, Miss Saigon is still my preferred place for pho- fast, down and dirty. Also, they have tripe in their special pho, which I hear Mekong lacks.

        1. re: 1000yregg

          Thanks for the comparison. I've been eyeing the Mekong Delta thread and wondering whether it's worth making the trip. Since Miss Saigon is a 15 minute drive, I'll just stick to what I know is good. I'll hit Mekong when I happen to be in Bawlmer, rather than making a special trip.