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Dec 16, 2008 09:58 AM

"Kreme" or "Kream" and Kone? Or?


Silly post, I know. However it really has been a source of confusion for someone who lives oh, a couple of thousand miles away. I will be visiting the area very soon.

It seems that "Kream" is the spelling used the most online (, but a few of the variations pop up intherchangeably still.

Is it correctly spelled - "Kreme" or "Kream"?

Or, are they two completely different restaurants to begin with?

I know the "Kream" N' Kone near Dennis burnt down in a fire in recent years and has since re-opened in a new spot nearby. Is that the only one? I'm seeing there is another restaurant in Chatham with a same/similar name (interchangeable spellings) - is that location still open and or operated by the same people? And of course, should that be/ is that one spelled differently?

Any enlightenment for this confused non-local would be greatly appreciated. I cannot wait to try it. One of them. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Long story: The original "Kream" 'N Kone in Dennisport did indeed burn down a few years back after the business had been sold. The new owners chose to reopen in another, larger location down the road a ways in West Dennis. It is closed for the season. The original owners then reopened at the original location (and were sued by the new owners...but that's a whole other story) and its now called "The Original Seafood Restaurant". It is currently open on Fri, Sat, and Sun. only. "Kream" and Kone in Chatham is owned by entirely different owners and is closed for the season. Most people I know prefer Marathon in West Dennis most of all. Not sure if it's open though, sorry.

    1. so glad to're welcome