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Dec 16, 2008 09:42 AM

Lunch places in Glendale

Looking for some suggestions from Das Ubergeek or others familiar with the Glendale area. I am in a training class all week on Brand right off the 134 and wanted 3-4 suggestions for lunch..... I like most any cuisine. But to give you an idea of my tastes .... I love Swan in North Hollwood, frequented Gorikee before it closed, go to numerous Korean BBQ places and sushi around town, always love a good burger (Bradley Ogden in Las Vegas was my recent favorite), LOVE Sunin Lebanese in Westwood, also fond of Baby Blues BBQ in Venice .....
Also liked Snapper Jon's in WHills when it was open (a fish market and lunch place). So any suggestions would be welcomed with a large and open stomach!

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  1. Between the 134 & about Broadway on Brand there are many places. There Sushi on Brand, Harvest Inn (Chinese), Portos (great sandwiches). There is a Korean BBQ. & a Brazilian place.

    1. One place, once clear choice...kozy korner, amazing thai food!

      Or a little drive it La Cabanita, some of the best mex in LA

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      1. re: laeditormatthew

        Thanks for the tip on Kozy Korner !
        Went there today - had their special - fried Tilapia, got it Spicy (and it was).
        Really good.

        1. re: engorgedbuddha

          Hells yes, I am there biggest champion, love it!!!

      2. Ooh and there is a good cash only Pho place on brand north of Wilson.
        Dont do sushi on brand or harvest, they are both pretty terrible, even CPK is better than them and i hate CPK.

        1. We go to Hot Wings Cafe and Lola's on Brand.

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            I haven't been for years but we used to love Billy's deli on orange.

          2. Spitz's is really good, although I've only tried their falafel on a lavash wrap.

            2506 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041