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Dec 16, 2008 08:48 AM

Maria's, i mean Mercado Social, i mean Maria's

walked past Mercado Social, formerly Maria's Mexican Cafe, on Union street yesterday and noticed that after only a couple weeks (?) they have changed their name/menu/awning back to Maria's.

Seems like this place is having an identity crisis.

Personally, I thought that Maria's started out good, but definitely went downhill.
I thought the new Mercado menu made more sense and was more "focused" and that the food was better,
but I guess after a very short time, they decided to go back to Maria's.

i think the real problem with this place is that it is so aesthetically uninviting from the outside. you cant see into the main dining room, so all passerbys see if they look into the main entrance is a small, empty "annex" dining room. the lack of good signage, windows, lighting etc. is their real problem.

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  1. try piramide on 5th and 12th instead. tried it for the first time last night and the seafood casserole was to die for... probably the best seafood casserole I've ever tried.

    1. Does Maria's have another place on 5th Avenue and 39th St? I saw a little restaurant there with the the same markings.

      1. I walked past the place last night. In the window was a sign that proclaimed -

        "Same owner!"

        "Same menu!"

        Which begs the question, WTF were they thinking?

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          yeah, im confused....
          when it became mercado social, their signs proclaimed something like "same owners but new partnership",
          now their signs proclaim "maria's is back, same owner!"

          so, i'm not sure if it was the same owners all along and continues to be so, or if there were 'kind of' new partial owners for awhile, but now have gone back to original owners, or something else all together.