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Dec 16, 2008 08:42 AM

Restaurants in the Short North (Columbus, OH)

I have just moved to the short north area in Columbus, OH. I am looking for some good suggestions on restaurants in the area. Any and all suggestions are welcome and I enjoy all types of cuisine, especially sushi, steaks and Italian. Hit me up w/ some suggestions.

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  1. I've eaten at L'Antibes and I thought it was very, very good indeed. L'Antibes is a lovely, upscale French restaurant, with outstanding food and excellent service in an intimate setting.

    1. You might have a little trouble finding Basi Italia (hint - it is in an alley), but it is worth seeking out. Zen Cha has great brunches. Rosendales has great food, but I have a problem with a restaurant that brags that it is sophisticated. Rossi has good food. Barley's was a brew pub before those things sprung up on every block.

      1. Definitely check out Zen-Cha for weekend brunches (but I'd stay away from the bubble teas.)

        Northstar Cafe is worth checking out, as is Marcellas. Martini Italian Bistro revamped its menu (and is now called Martini Modern Italian) and I have friends who rave about this restaurant.

        Sushi-wise, the Short North joints are simply a-okay. Kooma is most likely your best bet, but if you are willing to drive an extra 10 mins or so, I'd recommend Sushi Ting over on Olentangy. (Overall, Columbus lacks spectacularly good sushi spots.)

        And let's not forget swinging by Jeni's ice cream after your meal.

        1. Rigsby's and Dragonfly should not be missed.
          ZenCha for breakfast.
          Piece of Cake and Jeni's for dessert.
          Rosendales for the simple delight of eating in a place that is so "un-Columbus."
          Steer clear of Martini and Marcella's and opt for BonoToGo for Pizza.
          Avoid Haiku like the plague.

          1. Marcella's Short North: decibel level was ABSURD, we literally could not talk to anyone except the person immediately next to us and then it was a matter of leaning over and shouting in their ear. I am not exaggerating. Noisiest restaurant I've ever been in. I would have turned around at the door if the restaurant hadn't been the choice of someone I barely knew -- who, it turned out, had also never eaten there but only gotten carry out. The food was inconsistent -- caprese salad was excellent, gnocchi was mushy, teens liked the pizza and fried risotto, potato dumplings in the soup were doughy, tomato sauce was oversweet -- and definitely nothing to make it worth it to deal with the noise.