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Dec 16, 2008 08:05 AM


I haven't eaten anything at McDonald's in years, so obviously I'm not their target audience, but what is with their new "Nuggnuts" commercials? Was "Nuggnuts" really the BEST slogan they could come up with? They PAID an ad firm for this?? Everytime we hear it, my husband and I think inappropriate things (how serious is the censorship on CHOW?) to ourselves, but this weekend, we heard our 9 year old nephew actually SAY what we were thinking out loud (before falling on the ground in laughter) it isn't just us.

Does anyone else think this is a strange ad/slogan?

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  1. bizarre, gross, kind of sad.

    1. Let's see how clever the posters here are. A 6 piece McNuggets lunch for the best alternative to Nuggnuts. How about 'A nug a nug of burning love', or 'buckets of nuggits', etc., etc. Come on folks, you know someone can do better than nuggnuts...

      1. This is a follow up to my original post:

        What are Nuggnuts? Are they JUST chicken McNuggets? Or is there a difference between these and the things they've always sold, like a new shape or new spice or something?

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        1. re: RosemaryHoney

          I believe they are just chicken McNuggets and the 'nuggnuts' are the people who are 'nuts' about them. Could be wrong; I don't actually pay too much attention to it. TG for DVR's

          1. re: RosemaryHoney

            McNuggets is what they are selling. Nuggnuts are the people who are nuts for them. Check this out if you want to see how ridiculous that can get:


            1. re: bnemes3343

              That website is unbelievable! Boy, some ad agency is getting rich off of selling this adolescent campaign to Mickey D's. I would think that the phrase that comes to mind when you hear the word nuggnuts would turn people off, yet . . . I'm proud NOT to be a nuggnut!

            2. re: RosemaryHoney

              Nugg nuts are the nuts who adore chicken nuggets

            3. As much as I dislike the "nuggnuts" ad campaign, I HATE the new Arby's ad where a middle aged guy is laying in bed (fully clothed), and for his birthday present, his wife has dressed up in an Arby's uniform and enters the bedroom carrying a tray of Arby's food. The worst part is when this guy says something like "ooh. me likey." and the Arby's logo over his head "springs to attention" with the appropriate "boing" noise. So many things to explain to the children...

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              1. re: chococat

                But do you like that less than the totally insulting McD's ad showing people cracking eggs over an open flame, tossing omelets on the floor, tearing open a box of cereal that explodes all over the room and then reminding you that "you only get one chance at breakfast" Oh well, I'm well past their target age audience.

                1. re: chococat

                  OMG...I was reading this post and the TV is on in the background. As soon as I started to read this, the commercial came on. I've seen it before and thought it was kinda gross.

                2. I always enjoy the complaining about fast food commercials..seriously..there must be a thread for every commerical..people are always quite confused/insulted. Then they admit they are not the target audience or do not eat much fast food.

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                  1. re: rochfood

                    Yeah - I'm definitely not the fast food consumer, and I don't watch that much TV either, BUT apparently the Nuggnuts campaign isn't doing so hot. The Nuggnuts facebook page has only 1600 fans (miniscule in the FB world) and many of those appear to be McDonald's employees...interesting.

                    No, my confusion was that Nuggnuts sounds like "Numbnuts", which is what I was referring to in my original post. Just a weird term to use to coin fans of your product :)

                    1. re: RosemaryHoney


                      Yes, I agree that it instantly brings to mind the phrase numbnuts, which I referenced above, but didn't actually use the phrase. I find that insulting, but then again I am not a fan of their nuggets in the first place (proving rochfoods point very nicely.)

                      1. re: RosemaryHoney

                        I'm sure McD's doesn't rate their success on facebooks hits. They are not some start up garage band. Last I saw their stocks were rising and had strong profits in their domestic restaraunts, which is unusual, since most of their profits these days come from overseas. McD commercials are no less weird quirky than Arbys/Wendy's/The King etc. They all seem to pander to the young male teen demographic, which probably makes sense, since they probably eat fast food more.

                      2. re: rochfood

                        Indeed. Impressive for people who don't watch much television at all and never eat fast food much less at a chain.