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Dec 16, 2008 07:52 AM

Recommended Wine Store in Trenton


I have just started working in Fairless Hills - and was hoping someone could recommend a good wine store in Trenton - hopefully close to the Rt1 bridge over the Delaware.

Particularly interested in Spanish, Latin America and Australian wines....

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Joe Canal's in Lawrenceville is the place that comes to mind. It's on route one (maybe 10-12 minutes over the bridge, so it might be farther than you're looking), but the selection and prices are pretty good. This is particularly so if you're looking for more mass market selections.

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      Thanks Trent - used to work over in Cherry Hill and would stop at Moore Brothers on the way home. Also liked large wine warehouse at Cherry Hill mall whose name escapes me (they had a wonderful selection of Spanish wine). Canals I used to go to on occasion. Not sure if there is some good little merchant tucked away somewhere in Trenton...

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        Moore Brothers rocks and has some great small production wines. I really enjoy this store, as well as their weekend tastings. Super friendly staff, and some of the best storage conditions around. Awesome place!

        The warehouse you are refering to is Total Wine and More. Another fun place to walk around, but I do find their pinot noir section less than inspiring. Their French and cabernet aisles however make up for that.

        The Canal's on Route 38 in Pennsauken is worth a visit as well, and they have tons of stuff crammed into that store. They also have a room upstairs that you can ask to go in where they have some stellar gems. Tons of Frenchies upstairs there which is nice.

        Roger Wilco on Route 73 in Pennsauken is also worth a visit. This is where winestilsoldout dot com operates out of, and you can find some good deals there. In the last month, they have had the 2004 Petrus on blowout at $479 a bottle which is beyond cheap for Petrus. The 120 bottles they had lasted less than 5 minutes from what I was told. Unfortuantely, these deals are only listed on their website, so if you visit them, they are usually not advertising these deals in store. Also got a great deal on Alma Rosa La Encantada pinot noir at under $28 a bottle. I think I paid near $50 for this at the winery a few years ago for the same vintage. Great deals, and worth a walk around.

        Also in that area is the Canal's Bottlestop at the Route 70/73 Circle. Yet another great store. Wine Legend on Route 70 near the old racetrack has some nice deals as well. -mJ

    2. There's nowhere in Trenton proper that comes to mind. If you're willing to wander out as far as Joe Canal's, though, there are two places on Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton with big and interesting inventories and reasonable prices:

      Glendale Liquor Store, 4040 Quakerbridge Rd, in a little strip mall near the Lawrence Twp line. They give a discount for cash.

      Shoprite Liquors, 3161 Quakerbridge Rd (corner of Sloan Ave), looks like a bit of a dump but they squeeze a lot of good stuff in there. Website: http://www.laurentiwines.com/.

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        Thanks Mercer - will give it a go tomorrow - will probably try Shoprite - for no particular reason... just call it madness.

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          Mercer hi,

          Went to Laurenti wines - found with out too much trouble. Good selection and very knowledgable staff. Stumbled across the buyer for their Spanish wine and she was very helpful... so thanks thanks again. Will look to try Glendale next time.

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            ShopRite Liquors cracks me up. I go in there and half the time I've got some 20-something kid in saggy pants and a baseball cap behind the counter, discussing in all seriousness what he prefers for his wine cellar. At the same time, I have never been steered wrong. They do know their stuff. I had a friend who worked there part-time, and he told me that the entire staff takes wine very seriously.

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              I frequent this store often, but not often enough. Art Laurenti is a great guy with great passion. He also used to have a woman working there named Pey Wen who really knows here stuff, but not sure if she is still there or not.

              Glendale has some of the best prices around, cash and carry. And with some searching, you can usually find some great gems in there at good prices.

              Other than those 2 stores, there is nothing that is really all that close to Trenton that I have found, and do most of my local shopping at these stores, as well as Cool Vines in Princeton, Canal's in Lawrenceville and Hamilton, and Windsor Wine and Spirits at the corner of Route 130 and Princeton Heightstown Road. This is a great store, but you have to talk to Mike and go into their basement cellar to find the real gems. Their upstairs "showroom" is OK at best, but he has some incredible wines downstairs, and you would never know it was there!

              I'm sure I'll think of some other shops, and will post them as I do. -mJ

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          I found the Shoprite to be very well priced and has some of the harder to find spirits I was looking for today.I'm going to go tomorrow for all my holiday needs.

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            Any thoughts on Glendale place mentioned above by Mercer - happy with Lorenti - so not as though I am looking for a change....

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              Went for my annual Xmas shop - but tried to do by memory - circumnavigated Trenton a couple of times before I gave up and mapquested from the office. lets hope I find shopright tonight.

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                Glendale has nice prices, especially when paying cash, and I have found some great deals there on pinot noir and Bordeaux. They have the best price on Sanford pinot noir around, and I think it is somewhere around $22 or something. Most places I see it at are selling it for closer to $30, and at $22 bones, I think it's a good deal and a nice QPR. Also picked up a few bottles of Fess Parker "Ashley's" there recently for under $25 a bottle. Another great QPR! Definitely worth the drive and a look around! -mJ

          2. ShopRite Liquors in Hamilton beats anything within fifty miles, thanks to Art Laurenti there; ask for his reccomendations.

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              If you ever find yourself around Princeton be sure to stop in at the Princeton Corkscrew, 49 Hulfish St.