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Dec 16, 2008 07:18 AM


I posted about the following odd combo on the Media Board but it got no comment, so I'll float it out here.

I saw an episode of Iron Chef the other day. (The real one, not that imitation variety show with Alton Brown) It was apparently the finals of some ultra-challenge match where the 4 Iron Chefs matched off and then the winner went against Alain Passrd, a frnech chef who had won the challenger match.

Passard roasted a Long-Gang chicken and put it on a platter with what appeared to be large shrimp, some japanese mushrooms, and a light colored, sauce. There may have been a little of a second sauce blended in too.

The way the show was edited, they never really talked much about his preparation of this dish, and then they completely edited out the protion where this dish was served. They did mention this was an original idea that this chef had never tried before.

I was very interested in hearing what the chef's ideas were and how they were received. Maybe it was a failure so they cut it. Does anyone have any experience with this combination? I really like all three of the main ingredients, but it seems difficult to work in the shrimp. I would really like to know if this concept works. It was a pretty simple preparation

Some research revealed this about the dish:

" Poole au Kulbett
This most likely mispelled dish is also an impressive one.
Passard used matsutake mushroom, something French do not eat very
often. For that matter, they said only Japanese eat the mushroom (it's
good, though). He boiled ron kon kai with kuruma-ebi shrimp in a creamy
sauce. It was presented in a large silver tray along with sliced
matsutake and the shrimp (Hattori said crawfish is usually used here).
Alas, they didn't show the tasting of this dish."

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  1. It seems like it is a really good combination of chicken and shrimp...but how did it turn out on Iron Chef?

    1. I see nothing wrong, or even unusual with the combination. Matsutake are harder to find in the US than Shiitake, and shiitake could substitute. Or Americanize the dish a little ans serve big slices of Portobello. Shrimp or crawfish in a cream sauce is a no-brainer. Tom Kha Gai is Thai Chicken in coconut milk.