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Dec 16, 2008 07:08 AM

Need dessert suggestions ...

I'm attending a holiday dinner party for 8 people. I need some ideas for some yummy desserts. Does anyone have suggestions for really good bakeries (and what to buy/order) in the Westside?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. Angel Maid on Centinella, get some cream puffs. The also do some great desserts, nothing is to sweet.

    1. There are some gorgeous fruit tarts, mousse cakes, and cheesecakes at Amandine Bakery just west of Bundy on Wilshire. But I'll be honest, I'd get an assortment of the frozen desserts from Trader Joe's. Something chocolate, like the chocolate ganache torte, and then something light and fruity, like the strawberry shortcake or the berry thing. Top with some ice cream and supplement with some profiteroles -- the frozen stuff thaws in the fridge over hours or in the box over the course of a dinner -- they range from about $4.99-$6.99. Not expensive, but really good, attractive, and tasty.

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        to second nosh's recommendation:

        tjs sells a frozen apple tart that is terrific. it needs to be baked, though, not just thawed.